Crazy Poodle Myths Busted! | Top 11 Myths

– Hey friends, welcome
back, it’s great to see you. I’m Courtney, and this is Nyx
right here in front of me. And Phaedra’s in front of us. They’re my two standard
poodles, I love them to bits. Come here, lay down. Today I’m myth busting the top
eleven myths about poodles. Obviously I am obsessed with
poodles because I have two, actually I guess technically– no really technically I have three because I have a big poodle tattoo, if you haven’t seen it,
I’ll insert a picture of it up here for you to check out. My third poodle’s name is
Sparkle, Dave named her. So, the first myth about
poodles that I’m busting is number one, poodles are French. So, poodles are actually not French, they were founded, bred,
whatever, in Germany. And it’s funny because people
always think that poodles are French, because they are
the national dog of France. France loves poodles so much, they made them their national dog. I don’t blame them, because I love poodles just as much as France does. But the name poodle
originally comes from German, and I guess the word means pedal, because poodles love to splash in water. And in general, the
general consensus is that most poodles love water. Phaedra is an anomaly
because she hates water. She doesn’t like the dog beach,
she doesn’t like the pool, she doesn’t want to go in water at all. She’s okay with baths and showers, but in general she
freaking hates the water. Nyx on the other hand loves the water, and when we had our pool,
she would often jump in there so one of the reasons when
we moved to this house that I did not want a pool is because I didn’t want to have to deal with her getting in the water every day. Poodle hair is much like people hair, so after it gets in the
water, it gets chlorinated, and then it gets hard,
so you have to wash it to get the chlorine out and
all that, it’s just a mess. Myth number two, poodles are foo-foo dogs. And if you’ve never heard that term, that is a term I’ve
heard a lot of people use to describe poodles, and
what they mean is that they’re dogs for girls
or they’re silly dogs, and not serious dogs,
they’re not working dogs, and that’s just utter bull. While poodles absolutely do
really excel in the show ring, they are amazing working dogs, they are excellent at hunting especially, they’ve been used to hunt
probably more than anything. They’ve also been messenger,
like courier dogs, they’re great family dogs,
they can really do it all. That’s one of the reasons I love them. But I guess they’re especially
well known for hunting because they would
originally go into the water to retrieve different kinds
of birds for their master, and they have a very what
they call soft mouth, which means that they can pick up a bird that needs to be retrieved
without crushing it, and they can bring it back. So that’s apparently very important for dogs that are retrievers. I mean, you look at my two
dogs, you can actually see two different styles of poodle. Phaedra is very long and lean, she’s very exemplary of what
you want to see in a show ring, while Nyx is much more cobby and muscular and dense and coiled, she’s
definitely very athletic, and she has different hunting
instincts than Phaedra because she is like the stalker ninja dog, she will stealth up on you, and attack you before you know it, whereas Phaedra’s more like a paladin, and she’ll just kind
of come at you head on, like I’m gonna get you, and
she’ll probably get you, but she’s still gonna charge you head on, you’ll see her coming. Nyx, you’ll never see her
coming and she’ll get you, she’ll stab you in the back like a rogue. It’s absolutely hilarious to me. Myth number three, people
like to make poodles look like topiaries (laughs). So, I kind of wanted to include this one because people always
make fun of how poodles have their different cuts,
like they have foo-foo cuts or silly cuts or whatever. But the reason that
poodles have those cuts, where those cuts originated
from was actually from a working dog standpoint. So, in Germany, it would
be very cold in the winter, and if their hunter masters or whatever were using them to hunt
birds, they would have to get into very cold water to go retrieve those birds that they were hunting. So, the hunters had to figure
out how to cut their hair, and poodle hair as I mentioned
is much like our hair, it’s not like fur, and it’s
very warm and insulating, so they figured out how to
strategically cut the hair to leave it around the
joints so it would protect the poodles and they could
swim through the water without being held back
so much by all the fur. So, that is where the
show cut originated from, it was because it was
used to protect the dogs in very cold water, and
it just cracks me up. I’ve actually had Phaedra cut
probably every different way that poodles have cuts, like I’ve tried all kinds of crazy cuts on her, and in general because we live in Florida, I just keep her in what
they call a stripper cut, or a summer cut, where
she normally has no hair, or she normally is very short except for the hair on her
head, her ankle bracelets, her tail, and the top of
her head and her ears. So, that’s what I like on them, in the winter, when it’s a little warmer, I can get away with
leaving a jacket on them, but otherwise, it’s just too hot to leave that much fur on them in Florida. We’re above ninety probably six months or more of the year, it’s crazy. Myth number four, and I’ve
actually heard this one probably more than almost anything else, but people seem to think
that the different sizes of poodles are different breeds of dogs, and that’s actually not true in this case. Poodles are all the same breed, the only difference is really their size. There are five sizes of poodles right now, and you’ve probably
heard of three of them, because three are very popular in the US. The three that are popular in the US are standard, which is what I have, miniature, which is the next size down, and then toy, toy is the smallest. Now, they have a subgroup called teacup, which is smaller than toy,
but really that’s just, those are extra small toys
that they raise the price on, and then there’s also a size called Moyen, and Moyen, or I think another
country calls it Klein, is in between miniature and standard. So, my girls that are at standard
are probably 50-55 pounds. I would say Moyen poodles
are probably around 40, and then when you have miniatures, I think miniatures don’t
really get above twenty pounds, and then I believe toys are not above ten, and I think teacup is not above five. But in reality, when
you’re trying to figure out what type of poodle do I have, it’s all about how tall
they are at the shoulders. So, it’s the height
measurement that matters. Everything else about
poodles are the same, with their temperament, the personalities, their bodies, the confirmation, all that, it’s all the same dog. Myth number five, I’ve
heard people say this, and I’m like, really? It’s just crazy, but myth number five is, poodles shed like other dogs. No, no, they don’t. Poodles have hair on their
heads that keeps growing forever so it needs to be taken
care of, just like our hair. And that is one of the reasons
that they’re hypoallergenic. Both Ray and Dave are
allergic to dogs and cats, they’re allergic to that dander, so they have to be
around animals that are, in the house, they have to be around animals that are hypoallergenic. In fact, Dave’s allergies
have gotten so bad that we used to be able to
watch my mother-in-law’s dog, which is a big akita-chow
mix, she’s a beautiful dog, and now she just sets off
his allergies too bad, so it’s terrible, so,
if you have any people in your household that have allergies, poodles are a good choice
because they’re not gonna bother their allergies, if they are allergic to
dander, like Ray and Dave are. Myth number six, poodle crossbreeds
are better than poodles. I will argue with you
till my dying breath, no, this isn’t the case. I understand that people will often say, hybrid vigor is a better
thing, and it’s better to have mixed breeds dogs or whatever. I don’t agree with that. I do absolutely agree
that if you can adopt, adopting is great, so you
can adopt dogs that are mixed breeds or full breeds, there are all different kinds
of dog rescues out there, but in general, I am against
cross-breeding poodles to make goldendoodles or whatever, because people will say,
oh, I want to breed that dog so that it has the more
biddable temperament of this dog, but the fur of the poodle, it’s a crap shoot with
genetics, whether or not you’re actually gonna get that. Most the time, whenever I read about this, people still end up with a dog that sheds or bothers their allergies, and some of the dogs don’t
have as good a temperament. I feel like poodles in general
have a very good temperament, they’re very smart and very easy to train, so it’s like, why would
you want to mess that up? I do know some people don’t
like the fact that they are so smart, because they’re smart enough that they will get into trouble, seriously, they are that smart. Myth number seven, only celebrities or rich people have poodles. This is not true either. Tons and tons and tons
of people have poodles. In fact, I know a lot
of old senior people, seniors who like to
adopt poodles because of their sweet temperament and smaller size when they adopt toys. But there have been tons
and tons of celebrities who have owned poodles, when I was looking to
see which celebrities have owned poodles, I’ve
seen Rihanna, Elvis, Katherine Hepburn, let me
see, who else is on my list. Marilyn Monroe, Barbara
Streisand, Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Jackie Kennedy, tons and tons of people have had poodles, celebrities, regular people,
so they’re fantastic dogs, you don’t have to be rich to own one. And honestly, when I’ve looked at prices for different dog breeds versus poodles, poodles are not as expensive
as some of the other breeds that I have seen out there. Myth number eight, poodles are
too smart for their own good. This one, I’m kind of torn on,
because depending on the dog, maybe it’s true, but in general, I don’t think that’s the case. Poodles are supposedly the
second smartest dog breed, the first being a border collie, and I’ve had some of the
trainers that I’ve worked with that have claimed that poodles are smarter than border collies, it just
depends on the individual dog. But because poodles are so smart, in my opinion, it makes
them easier to train. They also generally want to please you, like that’s a big component
of their personality, they’re very people-oriented dogs, and because they want to please you, they’re easier to train,
you can teach them tricks, you can get their attention,
you can get them motivated. So, I don’t think they’re too smart, I think they’re smart enough and that’s part of what makes them a really enjoyable companion for me. Myth number nine, poodles
need other poodles. And you’ll probably
think this one is weird, but in general, poodles love people more than they love other dogs. When I used to have Phaedra and Max, our dearly departed pug,
she would tolerate Max, but she wasn’t particularly fond of Max, so when we took them to the dog park, Max would go around and
play with the other dogs, Phaedra would have to go
around and go check out all the people first, and
then she’d play with the dogs. Now that we have Nyx, she
obviously loves and plays with Nyx, but they both
still prefer my company to each other, so if I’m not around, they’ll cuddle with each other, but when I’m around they cuddle with me, so I think it’s really cute
that they actually prefer people to other dogs. Myth number ten, poodles
can never be sled dogs because they’re not good enough athletes. This is crazy, and apparently one time there was a guy who
actually proved that yes, poodles could be sled dogs. They can not do it in the
arctic tundra very well, they did compete in
some arctic tundra race with a full team of poodles, but because of how the ice in the arctic will freeze in their paws, it just was too difficult
to run a sled team of poodles, you really need
dogs that are more like huskies or malamutes to
deal with that kind of cold. But poodles can pull a sled if they’re in less severe conditions than the arctic. Myth number eleven, poodles
are not a very old dog breed. I found this to be hilarious,
because they are actually one of the oldest dog breeds out there. You can actually see
examples of dogs that look similar to poodles in Egypt,
and in Rome, and in Greece. So poodles have really been
around longer than you think, archeologists have found art of poodles from ancient Egypt and Rome and Greece, so they’ve been around a lot
longer than anybody realizes. All right, so those
are my top eleven myths about poodles busted,
let me know your thoughts in the comments below,
if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos and it really helps me out. Thanks so much and I’ll see you next time. I gotta give Nyx some
attention as you can see. You ready for lovin’? Good girl. Oof!

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  • I love Poodles. I had a mini growing up. He was the first family dog we had. He lived a long time.
    This is a great video. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you

  • It’s so funny to me that Poodles are considered so different from other dogs! They’re still dogs, and do pretty much what other dogs do.

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