Couples Try Striptease For The First Time

– Give me some leg waves here. Ground down. Maybe a (smacking sound)
heel clap or something. – Damn! (laughter) – There’s definitely some nerves – going on.
– [Will] Right here. – I’m about to show the
entire internet my goodies. – I’ve never taken it off
seductively for somebody. – I only take my clothes
off to shower, so … – Well, not just to shower. – What couples can get out of performing a sexy and sensual striptease
dance for each other is just a fun, bonding experience. – I feel like there’s nowhere to go but up (laughs) after this. So, let’s just, ya know, hope for the best. – [Amber] You guys look scared. First, you’re gonna start just walking to your partner, like in
a very slow, sexy way. – I’m coming for you. – You’re luring them in. When you get in front of them, you’ll come down. La, la, la. Toss it on the floor. You don’t need clothes around here. (laughing) – I’m definitely not wearing
enough clothes, you guys. – Try not to hump the air. (laughter) More so, caress the air, you know. – Caress the air, Honey. – You’ll lift your right leg up and take it down nice and slow. Booty first. Give them all the booty. Roll up, head is last. – C’mon baby, you know what to do. – Roll up kinda into a child’s pose, good. Oh, you can like, whip it around. – I need some hair, man. – Want some of my hair? – Yeah, can I have some of your hair? – Take some of mine. – This is the color I want. (laughs) – Whispering in their ear. You should whisper something I like. Put it around your partner’s neck. – Oh! – Ooh. – They’re way ahead of us. Get going. (laughing) – You guys are doing great. – So you can kinda give a little wiggle. – Do him next, do him next. (laughter) – I’m sorry, Mom. (laughter) – Legs are doing a body roll. Lift yourself. – I’m taking a break. (laughter) – I always say there’s no
place like home in my head. [All] There’s no place like home. – Finish strong, finish strong. – This is exhausting. – Oh my God, this is though. – So dizzy. (clapping) – That’s it. – Good job. – You are like a young swan. (laughter) I’m ready for you. (sexy dance music) – What you got for me? – Ow! – I’m hotter by the minute. – My clothes just wanna come off. – This is a reason to study yoga. – It was great to see him. With his booty a little bit more. – I got all hot and flustered from that. – Yes. – I wish all of my exercise
could be sexed up like this. – I just kinda saw that he
was responding to stuff. – Everything felt
extremely natural for me. I feel like this is a sort
of voyage of discovery. – Channel that inner Beyonce. – I have felt warm, maybe
a little fuzzy inside. It wasn’t clear ahead
of time that stripping causes immense dizziness. – Yeah, no place like home. – No place like home, no place like home. – I just had like, a checklist in my head of everything that I needed to do. – Look at that core. (laughs) (kissing sounds) (clapping) – Yay! (oohs and laughter) – I can’t stand up just yet. – It was great.
– Well … (laughing) – I really kinda don’t
know what came over me. – Everything felt extremely natural. – I didn’t know I had certain muscles. – Maybe I might break these
out every once in a while. – Booty push up is one of my favorite
things in the world now. – Very sweaty. – I am so hungry. – I definitely think that we should never break up though, because once the internet sees this, we will never be able to date again. Gosh, we were made for each other.

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