Cornfield hunting in Holland with a browning A5 and field trial labrador “Misty morning”

Good evening. We are in a area where I do some damage control. They have harvested half of the cornfield. There is a lot of damage in the corn. But we cant use decoys now because of regulations So last time I was here I could not shoot a lot of birds. You scare them of. It helps and the damage is much less then the year before. Last year we couldn’t do damage control on this piece of land. But its allowed now. The farmer is pleased with the result. Tomorow morning we want to go hunting. So tonight we already gonna build the hide. So we can stay a little longer in bed. It goes on and on. Even three rows in. The left side of the field is already harvested. And the right side is still standing. The rows next to the path are also damaged. Yes folks. Its flying non stop this morning. We have seen and shot a lot of crows, jackdaws and some Canadians came over. And some pigeons. As you can see its pretty difficult to shoot with the greenhouses next to us. But it is still a great morning. Unfortunately its getting misty. Maybe thats why we dont see any birds. We will see what the rest of the morning brings.

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