Confidential Advisor

We have talked about how important
consent is and how to know if you have consent during sexual activity, but what
happens if something goes wrong? At Student Health Services we have a
confidential adviser Rebecca Goenering who is here to help students when
something does go wrong. So Becca, can you explain what exactly you do here? Yeah, I work with students that have experienced violence, specifically sexual
assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking. When I meet with a
student, I talk with them to get a sense of their situation and any concerns that
they might have. I then try to create an individualized care plan for them to try
to alleviate those concerns. So some students, for example, need access to
counseling. I can help facilitate those appointments for them. Some students have
academic concerns, and I can work with their professors to find creative ways
to keep them successful in the classroom. Other students no longer feel safe where
they’re living, so I can help find other accommodations on campus. And when would a
student come to see you in the process? A student would come to me if they are
concerned that they are in an unhealthy or unsafe relationship. Students might
come to see me if they’re concerned that their friend is in abusive or unsafe
relationship, or if they’re just generally unsure if what they’ve
experienced is sexual assault. And if someone wanted to reach out to you to
get your help, how would they do that? Students can reach me by coming to
wellness and health promotion services, they can email me directly, or give me a
call. Great!

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