Colored Pencils Drawing: I Love Love Love This Dog | How I Drew(Magic)

Dr. Thing Weimaraner puppies are cute. Yes Well, I’ll be showing you how I drew it with color pencil to select skin started This is my sketch of the Weimaraner puppy If you want to follow along with me Then you can pause the video sometimes and analyze how a draw but if you just want to watch it then just watch it My first color for the puppies left ear is pale rose I Wanted color pencil to be sharp because I can make short strokes. Dye just texture for the puppies here. I Will then apply mauve French gray sand brown and expresso To make this puppies ear look soft shade smoothly I Also blend the ear with white because white just blends thing together and they just make it even more smoother Moving on through dark shadow behind the puppies ear. I apply expresso and black Put a puppy’s face I use French gray wait where where’s my color pencil I need to use my wand All right, let’s continue This is the puppy’s face with French gray, I will now apply found expresso sand fill rose and mauve oh My hand so tired whew, I know excuse my wand from her. Oh That’s cool, I let me try probably many new works Ok, let’s get it Great ok, let’s move on. I’m now using pale rose for the bridge of the puppy’s nose Whoa, look at that dog’s nose cool, right? I’m not adding some fur on top of the dog’s nose because you don’t want the nose to look stuck on you. Wanted to be Connected to the dog, right? All right, let’s turn this around and See that the dog’s face is complete. Yeah, I Just finished a collar collars pink thing I use magenta and for the fur you again these short strokes and be smooth because this Weimaraner puppies fur is very Smooth and to make a smooth. You need to be patient and don’t rush Maybe my hands has magic and grab some of that Oh my god, it did work Ha. Yes, ok. I’m done with my Jory Let’s see. How looks like If you like this puppy Johnny, please hit that like subscribe share and click on the bell It will support me online Thanks for watching Yee

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