Cocker Spaniel Grooming – Part 7 of 7

And that’s it!
The end of the grooming lesson. Thanks for sticking with it. I’m Jim Zim. I hope you’ll join me on especially on the
forum section of the web site. You’ll find that it is full of Cocker Spaniel fanatics
just like me and you. We like to share pictures of our Cockers
and talk about Cocker stuff. and you’ll find a lot of nice people in the forum. As we end things here,
I’m gonna show you some fun video… This is the very last litter of puppies that we had after 15 years of breeding Cocker Spaniel puppies. These guys are seven weeks old
and they are full of energy. And not only was this our very last litter, but it was a special litter for one other reason: I delivered every one of these pups. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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