Chummy – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

Chummy tends to be used to replace the name of something that you… you might know the name of it and you might not. It’s just simply a way to expedite getting something from point A to point B. For example I could be working on my car and I could need a 15 mm wrench. And I might say to my buddy – pass me the chummy over. You know we just instinctively know what what the chummy is, that we are needing at that particular point in time. It’s almost as if there’s a connection – oh yeah I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s a… a kind of, I suppose, unspoken communication. A link between two people in which they’re very familiar with the situation, they know what’s required, and so I guess it makes them “chummies” because they’re using a chummy.

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