Chicago’s Best Polish Sausage: Maxwell Street Depot

the Southside is famous for a number of
things the socks of course being one of them and Maxwell Street polish the other
well thanks to Peter Jeremy Gregory and Steven we’re here at
Maxwell Street Depot joining me to E is a fan of the show he’s also a fan those
guys over there Mike’s later on tonight I’ve got born
and raised outside boy he’s a true American hero and course he’s a Sox fan
joining me for a Polish the first of all tell me a little bit about your place
well we’ve been in business for thirty years here and we got the best polish in
the city one of the great polis in the city the best damn polish in the city
Chicago it’s authentic it’s unbelievable it’s the history of Maxwell Street
Stocks Park the neighborhood it’s good every
time that’s because you’re we’re pretty far outside let’s put some smack hair
what is it make grabbing a Polish on the Southside gonna sucks game better than
any like obvious I can throw up on the Northside it’s a true tradition for Sox
fans the ramp-up polish before the game the only thing good about the Northside
is the bus going south that’s right white sox baby first step to a great
polish be onion let’s go meet William in the back we’ve done the very beginning
where every good polish starts which is the onion so what’s what’s the planet
okay grab our new soda in here straight in bring it it’s this perfect
oh okay your bankroll keep on going you Bank on my eyes are stinging just
thinking about it this is your domain I need to go make a Polish I’m going to
leave you with the onions yeah Charlie I’m not crying you’re crying next up
Andreas is building up awesome so William has passed me off to undress and
you are the polish king great all right every good polish starts with a steamed
bun load in the mustard sausage and of course onions and topped with spicy
serrano peppers perfection the Southside classic now we just need to make one
more my friend is turning up well Andrea finishes that up I’m gonna go see if we
can’t do a little trash talk there’s anything you want to say do to our
friends on the north side lawn where the Cubs won the World Series I’m happy for
I’m sure all the Sox fans are too no sir only the Bell really okay – yes what is
wrong with you you want to talk some smack about the northsiders mother
they’re right they finally did what they had to do why is wrong with everyone
today I found Ronald Ronald maybe the first person here today wants to say
fling legitimately about the Cubs about the northsiders Ronald take it away so
what would you like to say scrubs please I can’t understand this socks all
the way number one guess that’ll have to do for now let’s go meet us outside
fence when this episode we asked you guys to
post pictures of you in your best socks and card gear and this guy right here
Steve Lucas evich he was the real hero of the game what is the whole experience
of being a White Sox fan all about its the pride in the passion and the
tradition my stepdad spent a lot of time investing that into me now I got a son
of my own and I get to take him to the game they’re very big on tradition and
I’m glad I’m able to be a part of that with them and my son I was second that I
would love being a Sox fan I love staying on the south side I love going
to games you know what house they love a good polish so me too mm-hmm I always
get to talk about this your manners Joe tell me what you love about this bowl
it’s got a nice snap to it they charge it up real nice I got the raw onion so
we did a little bit of bite to it but you got the sport peppers and you’re
going some heat as a truce outside staple I’m such a fan of that thank you
for joining me today and I wanted to throw open to you you
would like any words you’d like to impart to our friends on the north side
the 2016 was just that it was 2016 2017 you’re not the champs anymore go stock
Maxwell Street Depot fellow South Sider steps away from the park doesn’t get any
better than that Bret South Side all the way

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