Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet April and Anik

My name is April Bolton with the Chattanooga
Police Department K9 Unit. My partner here is K9 Anik. He is a German shepherd/Belgian malinois mix,
and he’s about six-and-a-half years old. His superpower is catching the bad guys. K9 Anik loves tracking and trailing and also
finding any kind of drugs or narcotics that he can. K9 Anik also loves playing with a ball and of course
lounging out when he can. He is an exceptional partner. It’s awesome for me to know that I have that
backup available to me. K9 Anik is also trained in handler protection. With that being, if someone tries to hurt
or harm me, I can actually press an emergency button, and K9 Anik will come and assist me
in any way that he can. I’m there to protect him just as much as he
is there to protect me. This is actually the first police K9 that
I’ve had. He’s spoiled me a little bit. He’s an exceptional breed of character. K9 Anik is one who can kind of turn it off
and turn it on. He realizes that not everyone we encounter
is a criminal or a bad guy. He understands that, and then he only does
what he’s commanded to do. K9 Anik loves people and affection. One good thing about K9 Anik is that he’s
good at reading people, and he knows right now that that ball is in my pocket. [LAUGHS.] [MUSIC]

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