Cesar or Old Roy Dog Food Porterhouse Taste Test

Cesar or Old Roy Ol’ Roy dog food filet mignon taste test is Cesar dog food good is old roy Ol’ Roy dog food good dog food review walmart dog food Cesar Classics dog food trays Ol’ Roy dinner cups 3.5 ounces review AlaskaGranny Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy AlaskaSammy is hungry for a new treat
for dinner I recently went to Walmart and I bought a Cesar classics dog food 3.5 ounce
dinner cup tray for 78 cents wet dog food I found the same flavor wet dog food dinner cup tray in old roy Ol’ Roy dog food at Walmart for 67 cents these moist meaty dog food cups are
the porterhouse steak flavor in meaty juices or savory juices I thought it
would be interesting to compare the two brands of dog food Cesar and old roy Ol’ Roy dog food tray cups from Walmart and see what the difference is
each dog food lists the ingredients on the back and a sell-by date on the side of the dog food cup or tray
let’s check out the porterhouse steak flavor dog food in meaty juices the Cesar classics dog food and old roy Ol’Roy dog food Cesars classics dog food is soft and moist it’s
easy to flake apart the porterhouse steak dog food once you get underneath the juice coating in the cup the dog foods look
pretty much the same color I’m going to put a scoop of each dog food on a plate and put them
down and see if my AlaskaSammy enjoys the Cesars dog food or the Old Roy dog food the dog foods look very similar once they’re
put on to the plate let’s see if AlaskaSammy my Alaska dog prefers one or the other of the Cesar or Old Roy Porterhouse Steak flavored dog food in 3.5 ounce cups I think we can agree that AlaskaSammy
likes both flavors of dog food and he’s not willing to miss a single niblet of any of the Cesars or Ol’ Roy dog food he
wants to make sure that he gets every single bite of the Caesars classic and
the old Roy porterhouse steak flavor is it good was it good was it good it
was good did you like your dog food dinner I think we can
agree that AlaskaSammy was equally pleased with the Cesars classic dog food and the
old Roy dog food if you want to save a few pennies on your dog’s food it might be
worth doing a taste test at your house please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy

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