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Zappos is waving your adoption fee this Black Friday to Cyber Monday But I want to teach you how to adopt the perfect dog for you As such a good looking up Stray, no hold Nobody’s asking for her There are 400 dogs here waiting for a home And most people, they don’t end up rescuing a dog because they want to take all of them One dog at a time makes a big difference You are a person that they don’t know so they’re supposed to bark It’s normal You move forward, you can push him away If you move to the side, you can keep him here, sideways They want to smell you, then they want to see you They don’t really want to hear you and then they want to feel your energy That’s really who you are for the dog Nose, eyes, energy Especially behind a fence When you have a kennel with two or three more dogs, that means that dog is practicing social interaction That’s really good Dog in the front, controlling the kennel Dog in the back is the follower of the kennel So if you have no experience, rescue the one in the back If you have experience, rescue the one in the front You have to learn to interpret it as a dog language so you understand what they’re saying They’re not going to tell you how they end up here They’re just going to tell you how they feel here Don’t look at the breed yet, look at the energy cause they don’t look at ourselves as race What they know is what’s my energy when I came to visit them Stereotyping is the worst thing to do and a shelter all in the street This is a dog ready to work Has no issues The only thing is has too much energy so don’t give eviration, give exercise This one You’re going to see those it might have issues inside the kennel but once you bring him outside the kennel, the energy will change So we have to find the dog that suits your lifestyle and a dog that has a good frame of mind And if you want to help a dog that is unsure, that is the way to do it That’s why you have a show

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  • In shelters in Britain they try to tell people what kind of dog they want. They don't like people to decide that themselves.

  • ive got a massive yard and i am looking for an energetic dog. after a lot of thinking and a dissapointing situation where a dog wasnt being given to us anymore, we most likely going to adopt a kelpie mix puppy from the no kill shelter i go to. hes black and has a crescent on his chest so im probably naming him mars. <3

  • If your pound allows you to take out the dog to a run you really should do that I had an awesome dog that I got from the pound and he was so depressed inside the pound later we went to the dog run the, he was a totally different dog I had to have that dog he got along with my 9 year old! You can find some really awesome pets at the animal shelter!

  • He is right in many ways… a dog is an ANIMAL… not a person to talk to… or baby … or fuss over. A dog needs structure, boundaries, and limitations (as top rehabber Jeff Gellman stresses). And taking 3 of mine thru CGC certification and handling many dozens for rescue in shelters helped me understand that.

  • I love this video. I'm looking into adopting a dog and don't know where to start. This gave me enough information on how to start. Thank you!

  • Yeah but it's not really the same comparison with race and dog breeds since dog breeds have different temperaments and characteristics. For example, if you're really lazy and live in a small apartment you probably shouldn't get a dog like a border collie which has a lot of energy and needs space. Dogs that need space can become destructive and territorial if left alone in small apartments. One of the reasons people give away their dogs is because the dog doesn't act they way they wanted or doesn't match their lifestyle. Also checking the breed can help determine which training methods and environment is best.

  • Oh my.. its so hard to choose.. i think im just going to go to shelter and tell them to give me some dog 😀 kidding.. but yes, i would take them all, im that person

  • Adocao e amor e alegria. Gratidão a todos os protetores ao redor do mundo pela causa animal😍😘🐅🐈cada família adotar um cãozinho bênção

  • Are there no staff members helping you to find the right dog?
    In Germany, you have a conversation with an employee first. You get to know the dog. You have to come several times and take it for a walk to check out if you like each other. And of cause: no dog is killed. <3

  • 0:40 I got exactly the same peoples go adopt it you won't regret anything that dog is a real beauty

  • I find it hard to go in a shelter. I become very overwhelmed with sorrow for all the dogs in there and end up leaving empty handed. I wish you could tell a person what personality i am compatible with and they would bring out a few at a time so i could spend time with them. This way the dog and i can see if we are right for each other. Now at my stage in life, I feel a cat would be a better fit and see they have small cat adoption events locally.

  • i used to wanted a husky because its my dream dog, that is until i follow Cesar's step and focus on the energy instead of the breed, i ended up bringing home a pit bull and a pom that day ~

  • Thank You Cesar for explaining what dogs look for in a person. we are going to get 4 dogs at the shelter & this will help us.

  • I feel bad for the senior dogs because people just don't adopt them because after just 1 year or so they'll develop problems and people don't want to deal with them. They deserve a nice home for their final years in this world. I always a door 1 puppy and 1 senior dog.

  • sir I addop a one pit bull puppie so plz give me one puppy this is my contact sir.7397852650 I am live in India from Bombay

  • The dog I adopted would come to the front of the kennel but would go to the back whenever I came to the kennel. Then when I would go to see the other dogs, he would come back to the door and look at me with sad eyes as if to say, "why did you go?". He has been apart of my family now for almost a month. 🐶

  • I don't like how he said don't get the dog that chooses you. The best dogs come to you. Even abused dogs are the best once you get their spirits up and make them happy. I had my mind set on only certain breeds which I hot, but when I moved and orevious d9gs passed away because a,lot of shelter dogs hace cancer, I adooted new breeds because they were adorable and came to me with their paws. So no matter what age, or breed, you want a dog that likes you or trusts you too.

  • One thing, I always have been chosen by a dog who comes to me and wants me to give to him what the other dogs don't and that's why they kept him in his corner. That is the most special dog.

  • "Most people don't end up rescuing a dog because they want all of then" so true, and just shows how much love love people have for dogs. If I ever won the lottery, I would donate a large amount of money to these places to help them with getting more supplies for the dogs, and help them promote their agency to help them put these dogs in happy and healthy homes:)

  • I'm watching this because as soon as I get my own place and enough money I'm going right to a shelter and adopting a dog (preferably a Pit Bull)

  • The shelter must be so stressful for some dogs, maybe the shy ones. All that noise and barking, it's making me stressed out just from watching a 2-min clip! So you can imagine.

  • I wish the shelters made everyone watch this 2 minute video before giving any of their animals away or at least explain this to them.

  • I've worked at several shelters, this is great advice. There are so great animals at the shelters. www.JesusReallyDoesLoveYou.com

  • I wish this video was longer! I'm adopting a dog soon and despite all my training and experience working with animals, I still feel unsure and unprepared. May be my perfectionist nature 😛

  • I got my 1st pit at a shelter, it was in MD and ant they were illegal there. He was in a section where I don't think I was supposed to be. I was lonely at school at the time living on my aunt's estate.
    I visited 3 times before bringing him home he didn't bark only pays at the gate to get to me. They tried to not let me have him but I got him. Nick was a great dog, sense then I've had 7 pits. We currently have 2, also 2 small dogs and 2 cat's. They have all come from the shelters here in Vegas.

  • Someone should bring Cesar in Korea! Here is chaos whit the things they do to animals also they don't put leash or anything to hold and cover dog from bite other people … i almost got bit by frekin pome very evil one -_- they just roll around leaving there dogs and there children xD . On the news..french bulldog killed an old person in the elevator o.O and i knew french bulldogs to be very friendly so yeah..someone should teach the owners

  • I have never adopted a dog I tried going to a shelter to adopt but I ended up going to s house with a dog that people didn’t want anymore.

  • Some of the best advice ever for adopting dogs, all delivered in less than two minutes. Crazy good knowledge on display here. The part about dogs having issues inside the kennel but not outside is very true. When you adopt a dog, what you see in the shelter is not always exactly how that dog is. A dog may seem very quiet in the shelter, but that's just because they're scared, unsure, exhausted or in pain (surgery etc). When you get them home, their personality will really blossom.

    I wouldn't worry too much about barking either in the kennel. The shelter is full of all kinds of exciting smells and loud noises. A lot of dogs bark when they hear other dogs barking and a lot of dogs in shelters bark for many reasons. Which causes a chain reaction of barking. When you get them home, you will probably find they won't bark as much or will only bark at certain things, like garbage trucks or package deliveries. And those quiet dogs you see at the shelter will probably bark too once you get them comfortable and they are able to show their personality.

  • The shelter I volunteer at just e-mailed me about
    Cesar Millan coming to my town to do live training demonstrations and
    how excited they are to inform us about it.


  • S.O.B. I went to the shelter for a small dog, not even expecting to bring home a dog. I left with a 60# horse, nothing like I ever considered.
    At one point I turned around to big frog eyes staring at me. Went I met his eyes he wagged his tail. He didn't even stand up or bark.
    Guess he liked what he saw. He gave them a hard time (snapping) at the shelter but it's been a year and he's been fine.

  • I'm thinking of adopting a dog from my local shelter. He definitely has Beagle in him — he's got the sniffing nose, the tail, the paws, and the mouthiness! (He play bites, but veeeeeery softly, like a lot of hunting/retrieving dogs.) He also may have some Terrier in him, like a bully breed, but rather diluted. He is so sweet, so intelligent, and so receptive! I hope I can adopt him. 🙂

  • Rescue the one in the back or in the front? That isn't very easy. I've been a volunteer in an animal shelter for over a year, training dogs I chose with my intuition. There are dogs which are fearful or even aggressive but turn out to be great companions when given time.

    For example, Genevieve (imagine a short, chubby floppy-eared dog with Auvergne Pointer-like fur pattern), 15 years old, 5y in the shelter, withdrawn, sees with just one eye, but after me visiting her for a month or two, she started to show hear real character – playful, happy, submissive, even energetic. And her kennel companion, Kid, 11 years old, about whom I was told a year ago that he bites… after having groomed him the first time I saw him.

    And Vampire (imagine a very tall brown and black Chihuahua with a naturally-shaped head with proportional eyes and smaller ears) – the most biting dog in the shelter that wouldn't let anyone touch him FOR 14 YEARS, but I gave him a chance and after a few months of training with treats he became a playful and happy dog that likes being pet and lets me change his collar and so on. And he playfully barks when he sees me. I bet that after some more time he would let me pick him up. He used to bite everyone, all the time. He's 15 years old but likes jumping and running.

    And Cheers (just a multi-colored mongrel, my favourite "breed"), 6 years old, 1y in the shelter, withdrawn and doesn't want to get out but when he does, he's very happy and affectionate. I don't know him personally as he lives in another city but I intuitively feel we would get along perfectly. A friend of mine says he looks just like me.

    So… how to choose a dog at least of these 3? I'd choose Cheers if it wasn't for the fact that Genie and Vampy are 15 years old and haven't been given a chance. What to do?

  • I love dogs but, I'd rather be in a barn full of horses, lol. Some horses might kick their stall walls, or raise a little havoc, but the noise level is usually chill. Dog kennels are noisy sometimes when anyone stirs up excitement. Dogs endure living in kennels, but they really don't like it. But, hey shelters make due with what they've got. No prob's there. Soooo, they need some serious dog walkers to take the dogs out for exercise.

    Really and truly let's put shelters out of business???? Hello????? There's a huge problem in the USA with irresponsible people. That's the reason all the dogs are in there. Sadly, the dogs in the shelter are probably the lucky ones.

    A lot of people don't really deserve dogs, grrrrr!!!!

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