Cesar Millan Helped My Guide Dog Overcome His Fear

– I know once he goes in, he
would have so much fun again. – Yeah, so that’s what you want me to do? – Yeah. – Alright, sounds good. I don’t do this for anybody.
(laughter) (upbeat pop music) – Hello, oh my God, blind girl vlogging. Hopefully this turns out okay. I’m in Mesa’s car again, it’s
clean for once, good job Mesa. Proud of you.
– Thanks, thanks (laughs)! – Also she has the loudest car ever and we’re on the highway so I’m sorry if the sound is like super– – [Mesa] Oh wow, listen, give me a Tesla sponsorship Molly and then we’ll– – Come on team let’s get
on that Tesla sponsorship. – [Mesa] Come on Elon. – I said hello too because I was peeking over your shoulder to make sure that everything was okay. – There’s grandma
(laughter) There’s mommy, grandma, Gallop’s grandma. Today’s video is all about Gallop. Gallop is the star of
the show today because we are going to see the
one, the only Cesar Millan. And I am so excited! This guy is a legend,
he knows what he’s doing and he’s gonna meet Gallop. And I’m honestly kind of nervous because Cesar’s met all types. Mesa’s worked with Cesar for a while, she knows Cesar very well. I know Cesar’s worked
with all typs of animals, all types of dogs but
Gallop is very unique dog. I’m sure he’s met dogs like him, I just hope he understands
Gallop, ya know? – [Niamh] I’m sure he will. – I just hope he likes Gallop because Gallop’s very special and he’s really close to my heart but
he’s not like every dog. So we’re going to his
ranch, we’re going to meet some of his animals. He has a parrot, I’m
very terrified of that and I’m lowkey hoping I
don’t meet the parrot. Do you think I’m gonna meet the parrot? – [Mesa] You might meet
Rio, beautiful Rio. – I’m terrified of birds,
it’s my biggest fear so we’ll see how that goes. But yeah I’m a little
nervous, I’m very excited. This has been a long time in the works and it’s finally time,
so let’s go meet Cesar. And I’m sorry this footage is so shaky. So we just met up with Cesar. He showed us a little bit of the ranch. I want to talk to him about
Gallop’s fear of swimming. Because it’s really the only issue we’ve had. I mean, he’s the freakin’
sweetest best dog in the world but his one
issue is a fear of swimming. And I’m about to tell
Cesar why that is, so. So basically when I
just got Gallop he was a little over two years old,
and he loved swimming. He’s half Black Lab, half
Bernese Mountain Dog. Loved swimming. We went to a friend’s
backyard and they had a pool. I took Gallop off harness and off leash so he just run around and be a dog. And he went and jumped in the pool. Being a guide dog user of now 12 years, I work with a dog every day of my life. – [Cesar] Yeah. – The school trains me
on how to train dogs to do new things, how to
work with them properly. – [Cesar] Communicate. – Exactly. And so what everybody else there did was scream at him and I was like ‘No.’ Because now he’s gonna start thrashing, he’s gonna be scared, he’s start panicking ’cause you’re all yelling. They’re like, “Get him out, get him out!” And I was like, ‘I will, you
just all need to calm down.’ So I went to the side of the pool and I just talked to him,
and he calmly got out. But because the initial reaction is everybody freaked out
and he started to thrash, now what he’ll do is he’ll guide me over to a pool and he’ll stand there and he’ll look at the
pool and he’ll look at me. And I’ll tell him it’s okay to go in. I’ll try to get him in, I’ll go in, I’ll try to bring him
in and he’s too scared. He thinks he gonna get in trouble again. So he really wants to swim– – He’s confused. – But he won’t let himself because of that one time when
everybody yelled at him. It scared him. – So is there– – So I want him to be able to have that freedom to swim when he wants to. – Hell yeah. (laughter) We can do it so many different ways but… We have some amazing swimmers. Dogs that he can get inspired by. That instinct just kicks in, it can. If instincts doesn’t do the job, the human can come in and coach. Just to help go over that confusion. – Yeah.
– You know what I mean? And after that we’re done. Just bringing back the memory. See it’s connecting back
a natural way of being but because the humans panicked, now it’s an association of water and the beginning panic.
– Yeah. – You know what I mean? And most of the time, just so you know, when a dog has a problem, sometimes he has a problem in the beginning,
in the middle, and the end. So some dogs, most of the time, when it’s pool related it’s only in the beginning ’cause they know how to swim by nature.
– Exactly. – Plus this guy is Labrador
and a Bernese, right? – Yeah. – So two breeds who are expert swimmers. The end of it is just the limit. It’s how long can they stay in the pool. But most dogs when they have a traumatic experience, it’s only the beginning. – Yeah, I know once he goes in he would have so much fun again. And I’ve tried to tried
to train it out of him, I just can’t seem to get him to feel… I’ll get him, he’ll put
his paws up to maybe here and then he’ll back out
and freak out again. – Yeah, he needs some kind of stimulation that can make him go
forwad, like move forward in life after a traumatic experience. All right, so you’re gonna get to see me in my wet suit.
– Ooh look at that. – Gallop you get to go
swimming with Cesar. – [Niamh] That’ll be amazing. (laughter) – My biggest fear is birds, biggest fear. (laughter) – [Cameraman] He’s dancing with Rio. (romantic music)
(laughter) – This incredible, beautiful woman, bird. (laughter) Her name is Rio, we met each
other after the Malibu fires. As a good neighbor, I make sure that we provide a safe,
peaceful, and loving place for anybody that is under stress or anybody that is in a catastrophe. Especially here in LA with all the fires that we go through. And this incredible
soul, she needed a home for a while but she just
fell in love with me. – [Niamh] Aww. – Yeah, so this is my Notebook story. – [Niamh] Aww. – [Molly] I want one. – [Niamh] Thank you. (laughter)
– [Molly] I want a human. (laughter) – Take that Ryan Goslin. – [Niamh] There ya go.
(laughter) – It’s when you’re not expecting something that you have more fun. – [Niamh] Yeah spontaneous. – Yes, he has no idea that we are going to go in the pool. – [Niamh] He’s got a bird. – Yeah.
(laughter) Yeah, so he has no clue about that. So once we bring something that he has no clue about it, I’m
expecting to see something. If I don’t see it, it’s
nothing wrong with it, it’s just it’s normal to see this. It’s normal to see this. It’s normal to see that his brain goes to a play zone. Right now, he’s in a follower state. So I want to trigger by bringing incredible swimmers,
which is Dahlia and Holly to bring the vibration of play. You see and that’s two girls. – Ohhh. – Two girls that know how to party. – Gallop.
– Oh okay. – Yes yes. – You might find yourself
a little girlfriend. – Yeah, one of them has the
vibration of Katy Perry. – Ooh.
– Whoa. – Yes, like that kind of vibration. – [Mesa] Which one is Holly or Dahlia? – No Dahlia, Dahlia is Katy Perry. – She’s the Claifornia girl. She’s undeniable. – Holly is more like Pink. – [Mesa] Ha, I like it. (Cesar grunting) – Rocker.
– Holly’s my speed. – She’s a rocker, yeah, she’s a rocker. (upbeat pop music) We are at the pool area,
we’re gonna reintroduce my friend here so he can go back to swim. Okay, Andre, bring the girls. There’s nothing more rewarding for a male dog than to pee in front of girls. – [Molly] Ohh.
(laughter) Thank God my dates don’t do that. – There’s nothing more
rewarding for a male dog than peeing in front of girls. Now, if we do it, we’re
disgusting human beings. If they do it, it’s the most
charming thing he can do. – [Cameraman] Why?
– Aww. – Because he’s saying,
“Look, I eat this food. “I have this testosterone,
look what I have inside of me.” (laughter) We have to show spirit at heart, we can’t just pee and
tell our girls just like, “look what I have inside of me.” (laughter) They can do it because that’s one way of saying “I’m healthy, I’m available, yes.” That’s pretty much it. – [Molly] Gallop’s flexing. – Yeah, he’s flexing (laughs). – [Molly] He’s flexin’ on the girls. – (laughs) That’s right he’s flexing. – I’m so proud of my boy.
– They just met. – And the girls are doing this. That means his presence is really big. – [Niamh] Which makes sense. – He’s really big. Yeah, that’s why you need to have an assessment and evaluation
among their own kind, ’cause they don’t know how to lie. They don’t know how to behave any other ways except being authentic. So, this is intimate space,
this is personal space, this is social space, this is public zone. So, what I see is how far
these dog go away from or if they don’t give him any distance. If they won’t give him any distance that means he’s not claiming his space. So, that will make him very insecure but when you claim space
that makes you very secure. That’s why real estate
gives you so much security. You know what I mean? So for them it’s more claiming the space, so he’s claiming a lot of space. That’s really really good. – It’s interesting ’cause I feel like a lot of people who meet him wouldn’t think of him as being– – Powerful. – Powerful, because he’s so lowkey. He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t jump, he doesn’t take up space
in that way that we think of as a powerful big
dog with a big personality. So it’s interesting
that you’re saying that ’cause I think most people meet him and they’re like, “Oh,
I forget he’s there.” ‘Cause he just lays there, you know? – Well yeah, he’s a Buddhist. – [Molly] That’s what we say. – Yeah.
– Yeah he’s a Buddha. – [Molly] He’s very
zen, he’s a Buddha boy. – [Cesar] Come on. – [Mesa] So Cesar’s
guiding Gallop up the ramp. – [Molly] How does he seem? – [Mesa] He seems good,
he’s looking around, he’s looking in the pool. – So right now, I’m just introducing the idea of the ramp. Okay, so if he goes down that’s okay, I just want him to know there is a ramp. And at the same time he gets to see the water and smell
the water much better. (water splashing) (dog panting)
(tapping leg) (water splashing) – [Mesa] That’s Dahlia,
she just jumped in. – The splashing of the
water a lot of times trigger dogs to want to go swim. I’m just double checking things so he can, as much as we can trigger nature, okay? ‘Cause puppies when they hear the mom go in the water, they just go. They hear splashing, ya know? – I think he’s still in
love with Britney Spears. (laughter) – Good boy. This feels good, let’s go. Even the leash, how I’m, come on. How I’m introducing the leash, it has to be him willingly. Good boy. Now I want to introduce this other ramp. (dog calling) Good boy, let go. – [Mesa] There’s a ramp that leads down into the pool, Gallop’s figuring it out. – [Molly] How’s he doing?
– Yeah, that’s a good boy. – [Mesa] He’s going, he’s exploring, he’s sniffing Holly’s butt. – That’s a good boy. (water splashing) – [Mesa] Holly just got in. (water splashing) Gallop is watching. – That’s a good boy. – [Mesa] He kind of got just his paws in and then he jumped on the other ramp. (water splashing) – Good boy, Gallop, good boy. Yes, yes. – [Mesa] So he put one of the toys in, Gallops like dipping his feet. Put another toy it. – Get that toy out of
the water. There you go. – [Mesa] And then he jumps out again. – [Molly] Yeah, see
that’s what I’ve always been able to get him to just put his front paws in and then
he gets scared again. But if anybody can do it, Cesar can do it. I just want him to be able
to enjoy swimming again because he wants to.
– Ah, ah, do it, do it. – Aww, that’s a good boy.
– He almost did it. – [Mesa] He was so close,
he’s getting close. – It’s a little bit of a puppiness, okay? You want a little bit
of that, like a puppy. Good boy.
(laughter) – And he’s not a runner, he’s really not. – [Cesar] Huh? – He’s not a big runner
so this is good for him. – We are triggering happy go-lucky. You know what I mean? So when you say words,
or you say expressions, or you play music, you’re
supposed to trigger this reaction. And so if you trigger the right reaction, you see the right behavior. So this whole playfulness
is triggered by us. Thank you. Good boy, good boy. He gets easily distracted by scent. – [Molly] Yes, very. – So right now we’re making
sure that he stays the course. – [Mesa] Very. – Very distracted by scent. – Good boy. – [Molly] At the guide dog school they used to call him Mr. Nose. I prefer Mr. Sniffles. – [Mesa] He’s going in a little more. Now Cesar’s in to his ankles. – Yes, yes, it’s a good boy. So right now, it’s just me blocking him so he doesn’t go to the other side ’cause he already know how to get out. So I’m just right now giving him the option of staying focused, okay? (water splashing) – [Mesa] Holly jumped in. Gallop really wants to follow her. – [Andre] Let it go, let it go. – Good boy.
– Ohh, that was so close! – That’s a good boy, he’s a good boy. He’s good boy, yes.
– Aww, he’s doing so good. – [Mesa] He dips his nose in. – Good boy, now what
we’re doing with the leash right now is just giving him one option. The option is water, okay? So, I’m not pulling the leash, I’m just blocking with the leash. It’s like this, it’s just blocking the dog from going far. So this is for boundary
purposes so the dog stays focused on what
we want him to achieve. Which is the introduction
to the water again. This is a Labrador and
Bernese Mountain Dog, it only makes sense that he is an expert in the water.
– Cesar just got in too. – [Mesa] So at least he’s all the way in the water, Cesar. – Good boy, good boy buddy. That’s a good boy, go. Oh my God, taste all the water. Good boy.
(laughter) (water splashing) Whoa!
(laughter) – [Mesa] That was Dahlia. – [Molly] She’s a real swimmer. – Beautiful expressions,
his face is really happy. Eyes are really clear. (water splashing) He’s not nervous or anything like that. Good boy, good boy. – [Mesa] He tried. – I know he always really,
he wants to so bad, ya know? He’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it. – Okay, this is the first time, this is where you have to
have the biggest faith, the biggest passion,
and the biggest focus. ‘Cause you’re helping
him to break a cycle. Watch what happens the second time. That time doesn’t exist, they just go in. – I’m so excited for him to be able to let himself enjoy swimming again. ‘Cause I just know he wants to so badly, he just won’t let himself. – Let’s go buddy, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. (laughter) – [Mesa] He jumped in. – (clapping) Yay. – Let’s go, let’s go this way. – He’s in.
– He’s tryna get out. – [Mesa] He’s on the edge. No, he’s in, no he’s in. He’s following Cesar, has her on a lead. – (clapping) Yay. (laughter) Borsha, borsha. – [Mesa] Now Cesar is
leading him up to the ramp. – Good boy, good boy.
– I’m like a proud mom. – [Cesar] That’s the first time, watch the second time, right now. So right now, he’s just digesting what he just went through. Nothing bad happened,
so then it’s the memory, old memory with the new memory. We’re creating positive memory. So the way you create a positive memory, you have to understand that because the mind developed uncertainty about the water, he has to go
fight – flight avoidance. Because that’s what he learned, right? That’s not what he was born with. So right now by asking him, listen you can do this, don’t worry about it. Right now just giving him time to digest and realize, there you go. Let him dry himself. So now it’s what’s the benefit of me going in the water? “Okay, I can dry myself around humans,” “the humans are a big towel.” “So the water gets me access to have fun.” “The water gets me access
to feel frisky, ya know?” To be playful. Good boy. – [Molly] Bon chien Gallop, bon chien. – [Mesa] He’s rolling on his back. – Good boy, good boy, good boy. (Gallop panting) Good boy. Good boy. “Some other humans made it really” “difficult for me to
live life around water,” “but these humans are making me recover the way I should live my life.” Ya know? – [Niamh] So good. – So by nature dogs swim but when you have a breed that was bred for that, it shouldn’t be ever
a traumatic experience. You see what I mean? – Yeah, and on top of
that first experience that really shook him. He then just over a year ago, fell into a pool and it was unexpectedly. And it was the only other time he’s been in a pool in seven years. So I think between those
two bad experiences, it was just not a happy place now. – To the side I, there you
go, he’s coming to you. Put the leash all the way on the top and then you bring it up there,
all the way to the top. Slowly, slowly, there you go. It’s just the guidance have to be half and a second and
then he does the rest. – [Niamh] Looks really nice, the water. – Come on down, you can. Come on bud. – [Mesa] Look, he’s ready, there he goes. So much faster this time. – [Molly] Yay. How’s he swimming, is he swimming now? – [Mesa] Yeah, he’s swimming. – [Molly] Bon chien – [Andre] It’s less resistance now. – [Mesa] Yeah. – Now when you hear the splashing it’s… (water splashing) Let’s do it again, let do it again. When the splashing is gone,
that’s when he relaxes. Do you see it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now it’s quiet swimming,
not the splashing. – [Mesa] Once he gets a
little toward the edge, he starts splashiing a little more. But once he’s in the
middle he’s a little– – You hear him heavy breathing. – He’s not in super shape swimming that’s why you see that.
– He’s panting. – That’s why it’s taking
him an extra effort to get out of the pool
as you saw this girls. Tss, tss, tss. – [Niamh] Yeah, right, right, right. – [Molly] Is it because he
hasn’t been swimming in so long? – Because his muscle tone is not fit. – [Molly] Right. – Okay, this is not a high ramp. You saw how the girls get out. Pretty much, they’re the same age. (dog panting) Benson. Come on Benson, go, go, go. (laughter) – [Mesa] Aww, right in. – That’s a good boy, good boy.
– He’s so fuzzy. – Oh my God, saving some people’s life. That’s Baywatch Benson style. Save somebody, Canadians need your help. (laughter) Good boy, good boy. So the encouragement. So he’s excited, so I
send the encouragement towards the water and then “oh, that’s what makes the human happy,
if I go in the water.” So once he’s comfortable with this, now we can use your voice to coach him. If you use your voice right now and it is not happy about it, and then you become a negative. – [Molly] Right. – You understand, so I
don’t bring the owners until the positive
experience is close to 10. That’s my boy, come on buddy. – [Molly] Bon chien, Gallop! – Over here, on this side, on this side. – [Mesa] Come to right, to the right. – Good boy. (Gallop hitting wall) (laughter) That’s good, he’s jumping, he’s jumping. Good boy.
– Yeah bon chien! Yay.
– Good boy, yeah. – Bon chien, Gallop! Oui! You see the jump, he’s coming up. – [Mesa] Cesar helped
him up onto the ramp. (laughter) – A little out of shape,
you know he’s not a swimmer. – [Mesa] He almost
jumped out on the other– – Now, watch as we do it only one time. Because he jumped, that just show you the brain is moving forward. The brain is moving forward. He wants to go with her so now we got to move her on that side. So if he jumps, he jumps this way. – [Mesa] Ah. – So when you give anybody,
in this case a dog, the option of moving forward you’re gonna see that they going in or they jump. In this case it’s very typical for Labradors to jump, it’s normal. So right now instead of asking him to do a few times in the water swimming, I only did it once because I’m rewarding by him going outside
the fact that he jumped. Right now what he wants to do is go outside the water, so
we used that as a reward. But he needs to go inside the water in order for him to let go of his traumatic experience he had in the past. So now that he’s feeling and understanding that it’s only one option,
going in the water, now we’re going to use Molly. So Molly can actually be
a source of encourgament. So that way his old memory of doing things for Molly becomes reality in the water. ‘Cause he has never
saved Molly in the water, that’s why he doesn’t know how to be a service dog in the water. But at one point he can be a service dog in the water, so they can practice search and rescue in the water. And that will be an amazing activity for both of them to do. But first we have to make
sure that the first step, which is going into the water gets fixed. And after that he knows how to swim, he knows how to get out. So that’s not gonna be a problem. You see the breathing,
you see how different it is because we didn’t
challenge the body as much. Good boy, that’s a good boy. Come on, come on Molly. – [Molly] Gallop, Gallop, here my baby. (dog calling) Gallop,
bon chien, bon chien, vien, Gallop! – [Cesar] That’s a good boy. – Vien, Gallop!
– Good boy. Molly needs you, come on, Molly needs you. – [Molly] (calling Gallop) – [Cesar] Molly needs you,
come on, Molly needs you. – [Molly] Here baby, here Gallop. – Come on Molly needs you buddy. – [Molly] (calling Gallop) Come here baby, come here, Gallop. – Come on.
– Good boy, good boy. Yeah yeah, good boy.
– Come on, come on baby. – [Molly] (calling Gallop) Gallop, Gallop, vien, vien! – He’s doing it, he’s doing it. – [Molly] (calling continues) (cheering) – [Mesa] He’s doing it! – Bon chien baby. – That’s a more gentle, that’s how they do it at the lake. Yeah.
– Gallop oh my baby. Oh baby.
– Yay, yay. – He’s so good, you did so good. – [Cesar] Lets do it
again, lets do it again. – My baby bon chien, oui!
– Let do it again. – Did you see that? He came right over to me. – That’s a more gentle way to do it. – [Cesar] Good boy, yeah, good boy. – I’m soaked but that’s
okay, mama needs a towel. – See a difference right there. The difference was right now that he just went gently to the water. – You could hear that he calmly swam. He wasn’t thrashing, he just– – [Mesa] He was pawing at the water. Every time you were talking he’s just fighting his flight. – [Molly] His instinct. – Benson, come on. Here’s Benson one more time people. Come on Benson, lets do this. – [Mesa] He’s coming up the ramp. Oh (chuckles) he went just
between Gallop’s legs. – Oh my God, so cute.
– So cute. – “Ooh it’s like a tunnel!” – [Mesa] The bottom of him is in the water but the top of him is still fluffy. – [Molly] Fluffy. (laughter) – That’s a good boy. The same way I encourage a large dog, I encourage a little dog because it takes the same amount of courage. Ya know?
– Yeah – Good boy, such a good boy. Swim, swim. He’s doing it by himself? – [Andre] Yeah. – Okay he’s ready, he’s ready. – [Mesa] He’s getting in. (gasps) (cheering) – He did it, he did it! (cheering) (laughter) He did it, he did it, look! – [Mesa] He’s so good
without even a lead! – He did it on his own. – [Cesar] He’s doing it. – He did it, you guys and
he just calmly swam around. He came to me and kept going. He didn’t even put his paws
up to talk to me, he just. (cheering) – [Cesar] Look how proud he looks. – I’m such a proud mom,
I’m so happy for him. Look, the dogs are cheering too. (clapping) – [Cesar] Oh my God. – Bon chien, Gallop. – (clapping) Oh my God, my friend. – [Mother] Wagging his tail. – [Mesa] He’s wagging, wagging. – He did it all on his own, he just got in when everybody else was
distracted with Benson. He was just like, “I’m going to go in.” And he just calmly swam around. – [Cesar] Alfie come on. – This is amazing, this is amazing. He went to school for over two years, over $40,000 of training. – Did you pay for that?
– No, it’s a charity. – Oh. – He doesn’t jump on anyone,
he’s just such a good guy. – He’s a service dog,
they’re not supposed to. – Yeah, but that doesn’t
stop a lot of ’em. – That’s true.
– [Mesa] The fake ones. – And they’re the first school in the world to train
service dogs for children. They’re an incredible organization. The moment Cesar met
Gallop he understood him. Which was really nice for me because a lot of people think Gallop’s like sleepy, lazy, and boring because he’s not a fun playful hyper dog. He’s a very very chilled out. So I was like, ‘Aw maybe he
won’t understand Gallop’s vibe.” But he was the opposite, he’s like this is how dogs should be. He’s like Americans have been trained to think that dogs are
supposed to be hyper, and jumpy, and happy, and
playful, and that’s what joy is. But the joy of a dog is when they can just be chilled out, and
focused, and in their place. So that made me very happy that he instantly understood Gallop’s zen vibe.

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