Celebrating Cod in Newfoundland and Labrador

( ♪♪♪ ) Man:
When we do the
King of Cod event, it’s focused on cod
being the iconic
Newfoundland ingredient. You know,
it’s interesting to see how different chefs
treat our… our national dish, as it were. Man 2:
See, what we got here
is face and chips: Newfoundland cod fish, tongue, cheek,
potato salad… I’m going to toss it in a… little bit of a miso
curry dressing, and then we’re going
to serve it with… Right over here, I have
a Vietnamese mango salad. I’m doing a cod
tostada with a… basically a pulled pork
and black bean chilli. Guacamole, pickle,
red onion, tomato salsa. We’re doing some
butter braised salt cod with screech cured pork sausage, wilted savoy cabbage, cannelloni beans,
and pickled apples. Man 3:
We’ve added a little twist: we’re going to serve it
with some minted couscous, pickled vegetables,
and a chimichurri sauce, which is a Argentinian pesto. Man 4:
…we were talking about
the other day in the kitchen, my friends from Vancouver,
we always say fish is cod, it’s the king of all fish. And we’re so fortunate and lucky to have such
a beautiful resource. Man 5:
Obviously cod was a huge
part of Newfoundland culture
for hundreds of years. It’s the reason we were settled
first in North America. It’s the reason all
the Europeans came over, was because of all the cod. Todd Perrin:
I think the new move
in Newfoundland foods, it’s all about what we can
do with the great ingredients that we have around us, and cod being one
of the greatest. You know, it’s a super resource, it’s the reason that we’re here, and as a chef, it’s a great
thing to work with and nothing beats it. ( ♪♪♪ )

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