Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Facts

Best Breed Ever! Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!
Cavaliers came from the spaniel line, originating in 1600s England.
Cavaliers were once used as lap and feet warmers for royalty.
Cavaliers were also used for attracting fleas from their owners’ bodies.
After WWII, only 6 Cavaliers survived. All modern Cavaliers can be traced to those 6.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are different from the King Charles Spaniel (aka the English
Toy Spaniel) mainly by muzzle length. Sweet, gentle, and playful, Cavaliers are
known as the “Love Sponges” of dogs. Cavaliers are strictly indoor dogs, but they
still need their daily exercise. Cavaliers are friendly with other dogs, pets,
kids, adults, grandparents, and strangers. Cavaliers come in 4 color varieties.
Cavaliers live to be 9 – 14 years old (63 to 84 in dog years).

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