Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Advice

I’ve had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for
18-20 years, and I just don’t think I could have another sort of dog. They’re just lovely
gentle-natured dogs, fun, cuddly, beautiful to look at. I don’t think there’s another
dog that surpasses them really. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small
medium lively dog. They shouldn’t be too hard to fit into most families really, and should
definitely be non-aggressive. There have been some health issues, so you need to check your
breeding fairly carefully. But with appropriate training these dogs are just game little Spaniels
that are good to play with to have as a family pet. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are renowned
for having heart problems in the breed. It’s best that if you was buying a Cavalier to
go to a reputable breeder. Use an accredited breeder through the Kennel Club, and then
you know that the dogs have been screened for hear problems, and also eye screened to
make sure that there’s no prone to cataracts when they’re older. The King Charles Spaniel, real cute little
dogs. Very friendly, very affectionate. They don’t need masses of exercise. So if somebody’s
wanting that companion and that friend, they make great little pets. Oh, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a good
breed for anybody, whether it’s an elderly person, because they’d be a really good lapdog,
cuddly dog and happy with short walks. They love children, they love playing with children.
So family dog really. Plus they’re also a really good size, so they don’t overtake your
whole house. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a silky
coat, and a combination of short hair and long hair. From a grooming point of view,
regular brushing is very important, at least two or three times a week. Also regular bathing,
once a week up to once in twelve weeks. If you don’t want to keep your Cavalier King
Charles Spaniel in full coat, they can be trimmed shorter by a professional dog groomer.
Some people choose a shorter haircut for their Cavaliers because it is just easier to look
after the coat. Yeah, some people do clip them, which actually
takes away all the feathering of the Cavalier, and in my opinion it does run the look of
them. I love Cavaliers, due to the fact that they’re just really friendly, just affectionate
beautiful dogs. And just such a pleasure to have in the home.

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  • they didn mention "Syringomyelia " (this brain disease where the brain of the cavalier becomes bigger than it's skull) ….. a 1/3 of the breed has the gene for it inherited…..Thanks for overbreeding….

  • I love cavaliers 😍😍 I made a video for my new ruby puppy. My two previous cavaliers died from their health problems 😢

  • I grew up with one of these little guys, he's sitting next to me licking my arm as i type. He's getting a little old (about 9) now and and the heart is at him but you won't find a friendlier dog.

  • I advise brushing a cavaliers ears 5 mins daily as they are prone to matting.
    Also don't let your dog get overweight as this puts pressure on their hearts – sadly a huge proportion of this breed develops mitral heart valve disease so keeping them active and a good weight throughout their life is vital.

  • I couldn't watch this because I had a brown cavalier King Charles spaniel and he died his legs went he had a really bad heart condition he was naned billy and I miss him sooooooo much I sing a song to him every now got and his star shins at me he was really friendly xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • I'm planning on moving out of my house within a year or two, after graduating high school. I'm planning on moving into a pet-friendly apartment by myself. As I would most likely be working full time, I would be away for about 8 hours at a time. I'm also hoping on getting a cat. Would a grown Cavalier be able to handle this?

  • Grooming 3 times per week? That seems excessive. Mine gets her ears combed as needed (maybe 2 times per month) and gets a bath maybe once every 4 months and she never has any odor at all and the whites of her fur are very bright. I have videos of her if you are questioning my point. These dogs are very clean and don't have that "doggy" odor from my experience, they really don't need THAT much grooming unless you're letting them run around in brambles and mud or something lol.

  • Two types of people in the world.

    1. Those that accept King Charles Cavaliers are the best dogs in the world

    2. Wrong people.

  • 2.46 you aren't brushing their ears enough! I see at least 2 big matts of fur.

  • I have met someone and their cavalier lived up to 18 years I hope me beautiful Millie does as well I love her so much btw she's the Black and Tan one

  • I have had cavaliers most my adult life fantastic dogs I brush feathering and ears a couple of times a week and full brush once week use water less dog spray in between bath I find once you have them clipped you have too continue with this as coat becomes very dense ruining coat in my opinion. I show and have bred pedigree cats my cavaliers have loved kittens and our adult cats also lots of other animals from furry, feathers to reptiles, and mine luv children , great family pet, and are happy with limited exercise luv fetch.

  • We have a Cavalier, his name is Nigel. We love him dearly, but this breed has problems. We did our homework and found a reputable breeder. The problems started when he was about three when he lost his hearing. Within a month he started having mild seizures where he sort of "locks up" for a few minutes. The vet explained there wasn't much that could be done for him because his brain was too big for his skull. He has one or two seizures a month. The vet assured us he wasn't in any pain. When he was nine he developed diabetes requiring insulin shots twice daily. Today at age twelve he no longer has use of his back legs. His spirit has not changed through all of this. He's still the crazy attention seeking dog he's always been. I wrote this to make people aware, not talk anyone out of considering a Cavalier. They are the most loving breed I've ever seen.

  • You missed out a very serious health condition that all potential owners need to be aware of. This is syringomyelia. An abnormality causing the skull to be too small for the brain. This can result in horrific neurological issues and potentially can be life threatening.

  • I now have 2 of this breed. Originally got one (Mia) because its fairly small and good with cats, she was a sort of therapy dog for me to get me up and active every day and I can safely say she is the best thing in the world. We got another as a friend for her and she is completely opposite (crazy) but still amazing. I wouldn't think of getting another breed anymore.

  • I had my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mariah for 18 years. I miss her so much as she passed away two years ago, and are too expensive to buy another. She was a blessing. Sherri in Wisconsin.

  • I've got 3 Cavilers but for all caviler owners that woman said they don't need exersise, well my advice yes they do need exersise well all dogs do it Cavilers espically because as mentioned they r prinevto heart problems and a fat caviler is really not healthly well a dog r cat being fat is not healthy at all and so do be sure ur caviler gets it's yearly shot

  • I have two of them, and I love them dearly. But the breed is a mess, and most of the breeders wont't accept the reality. Shame on those idiots ! They are not responsable at all. Most of the dogs are in pain and distress, but they cannot tell their owners. Breeding Cavalier is like breeding impaired individs with a severe physical and mental handicap. It's a crime.

  • I have had a wonderful little Cav for almost two years after a lifetime of wanting a canine companion and it's the best choice I could have ever made. These are delightful little dogs and my little guy loves every person who greets him. He does need a fair bit of exercise though and is very active!

  • We had three pure breds and two crosses Gilligan & O Malley were pure Blenhiems, Ferguson was a pure Ruby, Galahad was Ruby Cockalier, and Queen Hallie Barie a tri colored Springalier, they all are similar in size 17 to 30 pounds and all love people all are sweeties to people
    Gillie, Fergie, Hallie, Gallie, Mallie
    love em all, but lost two of them Fergie died of the heart issue but he was over ten …..
    Gillie got a number of issues he was over 10 HALLIE IS DOING GOOD SHES 13 now
    Wish I could

  • They are lovely dogs but the breed does have health issues including syringomyelia which wasn't mentioned in the video. Also their coats take a lot of work to keep them looking good and to avoid them getting matted. All sorts gets stuck in their fur especially if you let them off the lead as in this video- twigs ,brambles etcetc.. My advice (if you aren't showing them) is to get them regularly trimmed/groomed/clipped especially on the undersides of their ears to allow air flow so they don't get ear infections which they can be prone to.

  • My hubby and I just bought a Cavalier King Charles pup! Bringing him home on April 20. Sooo excited! 😀 They seem so friendly.

  • I have a Cavalier/Bichon mix. We ADORE her!!! Pure bundle of love!! Having a heck of a time housebreaking Pearl, however. Any good tips, on that??

  • i’m literally watching this video while my little one is sleeping right next to me! best dogs ever 💕

  • My dad really doesn’t want a dog because he thinks they’re going to be noisy, tear up the house and be a general annoyance. I could do with some advice please. Maybe on a specific dog type or maybe something I could say to him to convince him. Anything like that would really help thank you.

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