Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

What’s up man? It’s so good to see you. Hey Buddy.>I know I saw you this morning but it seems like it’s been forever. We gotta celebrate. What do you want to do? Let’s go throw this puppy around. Go outside and get some fresh air? >I’ll put my stuff down alright?>Alright. Hey man, what are you doing? Are you cooking? Do you need any help? I can help. Nah, I’m good. Actually, where’s the basil? Bottom drawer. What is this? I am so sorry. I don’t even deserve to be here. I’ll just go get paper towels and clean it up and leave. What? We’re out of cereal. You’re friend’s weird. Yeah, I don’t think he likes you. He doesn’t really like anyone.What’s up with you? Jimmy! No! Hey, don’t worry. I got this. That’s a good boy!

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