Cartoon for kids “The Spaniel and the Mastiff” New Cartoon 2016

The Spaniel and the Mastiff
One day, a good-natured Spaniel and a grumpy Mastiff were travelling on the same road.
The Spaniel, although an entire stranger to the Mastiff, very politely approached him
and asked, “May I please walk with you on this journey?”
The Mastiff replied, “I have no problem, you may walk along with me.”
Both the dogs started walking together, chatting with each other.
Mastiffs are huge and by nature protective, but very ferocious dogs. Soon the two reached
the next village. The Mastiff began to show his nasty nature. He growled at everyone he
met, without any reason. He started leaping and snapping at them.
The annoyed villagers ran out with great sticks. They wanted to protect their own dogs. Then,
they struck both the dogs mercilessly. The poor Spaniel was also not spared. He got badly
beaten just for being found in the company of the nasty Mastiff.
The Spaniel said, “Alas, I was never beaten in this manner before. Now, I know that quick
friendships with strangers can be bad. One’s good or bad fortune depends upon the type
of friends one makes!”

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