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Hello All..This is Devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Pharma With the heightening number of diseases and
health problems, there requires a responsible person who supplies medicines. Supplying medicines
cannot be done by any individual, where one requires to have completed pharmacy course
for the same. The safe and effective utilization of Pharmaceutical drugs is well accomplished
with Pharma graduates. Apart from distributing medications and compounding, Pharma field
bears in mind clinical services, health care, revising medications and also providing drug
information. For patients to gain optimistic health outcomes, Pharmacists are considered
as Pharmaceutical experts who are well proficient in drug therapy. The Pharma course is highly
in demand and has excellent job opportunities and hence abundant students prefer the course. There are surplus courses when Pharma is considered. Here are a few courses that fall under Pharma
field in India. • B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy
• B.Pharm (Hons) Bachelor of Honours • B.Pharm + MBA Bachelor of Pharmacy with
Master of business administration • B.Pharm (Pharmaceutical chemistry) Bachelor
of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical chemistry • B.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Bachelor of Pharmacy
in Pharmaceutics • B.Pharm (Pharmacognosy) Bachelor of Pharmacy
in Pharmacognosy • B.Pharm (Unani) Bachelor of Pharmacy in
Unani • B.Pharma (Pharmacology) Bachelor of Pharmacy
in Pharmacology • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Pharmacy
• MBA (Pharma. Technology) • M.Pharm (DDRS)
• M.Pharm • M.Pharm ( Biotechnology)
• M.Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) • M.Pharm (Clinical practice & research)
• M.Sc. (Pharmacy) • Ph.D. (Pharmacy)
• Pharm.D And abundant more courses fall under Pharma
course list. Apart from these diploma courses and certificate courses are also available.
There are a number of pharmacy colleges which offer all these courses. There are many universities
and institutes in India which offer distance education courses too. An hunt online according
to the university can gather you the courses that can be availed through distance education
and its eligibility criteria. There are a number of top universities abroad which offer
health and medical sciences courses. There are many universities which conduct entrance
exams for B.Pharma courses and hence preparation for the same is mandatory. Students can also
complete their UG in India and continue further for their post-graduation courses abroad.
One needs to research the sites and get to know the eligibility criteria and fees structure
for enrolling Pharma courses. When a deep look is taken onto career options
for B.Pharma graduates, there are a number of paths for them to build and enhance their
career. A few roles where they can play as pharmacists are drug therapist, pathology
lab, drug inspector, research officer, bio-technology industries, chemical or drug technician, hospital
drug coordinator, pharmacists, health inspector, research and development, scientists, making
prescriptions to patients and more. B.Pharma graduates are the ones who get attractive
pay where average salary for males is 119,137 to 276,000. In the same manner average female
pharmacists gain about 99,000 to 228,000 in India. Here is a list of few top companies
which recruit pharmacists and provide a good package.
• Ranbaxy • Cipla
• Ipca laboratories • Dr.Reddy’s laboratories
• Cadila health care • Aurobindo Pharma
• Aventis Pharma • Sun Pharma industries
• Lupin labs • Glaxo Smith Kline Pharma (GSK) and many
more. To gain entry into government jobs, B.Pharma
graduates are required to clear UPSC exam in order to get recruited for central and
state government jobs like. Drug inspector, assistant chemical examiner and drug analyst
are certain roles required in state and central government. All government and central government
institutions, hospitals and health care centers recruit pharmacists with written entrance
exams for certain specific roles. So researching and getting updated with the latest news is
a good option for pharmacist graduates. For the same purpose the site
is beneficial as it updates and alerts in case openings are available for any specific
job role. Pharmacists can keep themselves registered and updated with the site to know
opening for government and private job vacancies for pharma graduates we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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