Cancer Survivor Shares The Role Of Diet In Her Amazing Recovery

– Actually, what happened 12 years ago is I got a very rude wake-up call. I was shockingly diagnosed
with late stage ovarian cancer. And I’d always tell women, this was one month after
a clean bill of health. As we know, it’s not a good diagnosis, late stage ovarian, because it’s often, it comes back and it’s often
resistant to chemotherapy. So I immediately had surgery and chemotherapy, but I did feel like a time bomb waiting for
the cancer to return. I felt I had no control over my body. And then I happened to read a book called “Anticancer: The New Way of Life” by David Servan-Schreiber. And that book opened my eyes to the power of food. And I then started to read and research and go to conferences and workshops and I got a certificate
in plant-based nutrition. All of which gave me a
continued sense of empowerment. I started to feel like I had some control and I wasn’t so, so anxious before each test and each scan. So it’s been 12 years and I have not had a recurrence. I have certainly outlived
the survival rate for late stage cancer. You have to have some sense of a why. The importance of plant-based eating. How it helps physical, emotional and cognitive health. How it’s so important for our environment and of course, the animal rights. You don’t fall off the wagon. There’s no wagon to fall off of. Everyone’s on their own journey but with each step that you take, you are bringing more positive benefits to your long-term well-being. Don’t wait until a
health crisis, number one but that’s hard to tell people to do but number two is if
you’re in health crisis, you can do it. Because I am here to help other, not just cancer patients but other people who want the information ’cause you’re not gonna get it from your healthcare providers. I had to dig for it. I tell ya, I did to dig for this and other people shouldn’t have to dig.

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