Can dogs eat oranges?Learn German ~kids~ in 3 minutes Full HD

Hello sweethearts! Welcome to our first Christmas episode! Tonight we are going to learn about the clementine Do you know the difference between a clementine and a mandarin? Hungry Sammy! Hand in paw we learn together… If not, stay tuned! We are going to tell you at the end of the video! The clementine : die Clementine We are going to use our peeling device. We just have to insert it and slide it down And then we can simply peel it. Wir werden unser Schälgerät nutzen. Wir müssen es nur ansetzen und einmal herunter ziehen. Und dann können wir die Clementine ganz einfach schälen. One : Eins Two : Zwei Three : Drei Four : Vier Five : Fünf Sammy is getting really hungry! Sammy bekommt großen Hunger Hazelnut : Haselnuss Nuts are full of high quality oils. Unless you are allergic to them, then please DO NOT EAT THEM!!! The difference between a clementine and a mandarin is : That the clementine is seedless and much sweeter to eat : etwas essen We are having some technical difficulties!
(Sammy fell down 😀 ) Please hang around! To fall means fallen Sammy fell down : Sammy ist herunter gefallen To chew : kauen Sammy is chewing a hazelnut :
Sammy kaut eine Haselnuss Thank you The paw : die Pfote Sammy sit! To sit means : sitzen Peel device means : Schälgerät Thank you for watching our first Christmas special! We will upload new episodes weekly! Hugs and kisses from Sammy and me! We wish you all amazing holidays! If you want to find out what Sammy got for Christmas this year… just tune in! We will show you in the next episode! Hungry Sammy says : Thank you! And see you next time!
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