Campbell neighbors say killer Rottweiler is danger to community

CARMEN SANTIAGO/ NEIGHBOR “TWO LITTLE DOGS THEY WERE LIKE MY LITTLE ONES MY TWO LITTLE BOYS.” Gone forever. Carmen Santiago talks about the moment she lost her dogs two years ago. She say her neighbor’s 190 pound Rottweiler slipped under the fence and attacked them. Its a memory she will never forget. CARMEN SANTIAGO/ NEIGHBOR ” HE DIDN’T LET GO AND MY SON GRABBED THE DOG AND STARTED PUNCHING THE DOG NEXT DOOR SO HE WOULD LET OUR DOG GO.” But it was too late. At that time, Santiago and her family filed a report with the Mahoning County Dog Warden CARMEN SANTIAGO/ NEIGHBOR ” WE KEPT CALLING NOTHING WAS DONE. THEY DIDN’T LET US KNOW ANYTHING WAS DONE WITH THE DOGS NEXT DOOR.” So they dropped the case. Then two just two weeks ago… CARMEN SANTIAGO/ NEIGHBOR ” THE NEIGHBOR NEXT TO THEM OR ON THE OTHER SIDE THEIR DOG WAS KILLED BY THE SAME DOG.” Brianna Diaz told us she was taking her puppy outside, when her neighbor’s dog attacked. BRIANNA DIAZ/ NEIGHBOR ” I WAS WALKING UP TO GRAB HIM AND THE BOY ROTTWEILER CAME OUT OF NO WHERE AND RAN UNDERNEATH AND SNUCK UNDERNEATH AND GOT MY DOG.” She stuck her hand in the rottweiler’s mouth to get her puppy out…but it was too late BRIANNA DIAZ/ NEIGHBOR ” THIS IS THE THIRD DOG UNFORTUNATELY MY DOG AND SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN IT’S NOT FAIR.” We reached out to the Mahoning County Dog Warden but they could not comment since it is an on-going investigation. We also tried to talk to the owners of the Rottweilers but they were not home. Neighbors tell us they have other concerns. BRIANNA DIAZ/ NEIGHBOR ” WHAT IF ITS A CHILD NEXT TIME?” CARMEN SANTIAGO/ NEIGHBOR ” I HAVE A ONE YEAR-OLD GRANDSON THAT I BABYSIT AND WE’RE OUTSIDE.” BRIANNA DIAZ/ NEIGHBOR ”

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