Camilla Parker Bowles FURY: How Princess Diana called Duchess ‘ROTTWEILER’ in shock rant – Today Ne

 Camilla Parker Bowles had been a “lurking presence throughout” the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, according to Simone Simmons – a close friend of the late Princess of Wales Camilla reportedly started her love affair with the heir to the throne when she cheekily said: “My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather’s mistress, so how about it?” Simone Simmons revealed in her book “Diana: The Last Word”  how “after the discovery that he [Charles] had resumed his affair with Camilla, the pain she [Diana] felt was ‘like being punched in the stomach’” Camilla Parker Bowles ‘dubbed Princess Diana a MAD COW’ How Princess Diana ‘became IRRELEVANT’ for the Queen  Diana reportedly called Camilla “the Rottweiler” and Ms Simmons claims she explained why she came up with the nickname for her  The 2005 book claims Diana said: “Because she looks like a dog – and because once she has got her teeth into someone she won’t let go ” While Camilla once referred to Princess Diana as “that mad cow” and argued that she had little right to complain about her affair with Prince Charles”  In the explosive 2018 book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles”, author Tom Bower claims that the infamous 1995 Panorama interview provoked Camilla, now 71, to label Diana a “mad cow”  Mr Bower added that Camilla had told friends that the People’s Princess had “little right to complain about her affair with Charles, since she had been ‘working her way through the lifeguards’”  Ms Simmons explains that: “She [Diana] tackled Charles about the relationship but never got a proper answer  “He didn’t deny being with Camilla and he didn’t lie. “Instead, he became tongue-tied and refused to reply to her questions  “It was a childish way of dealing with the situation. “But then neither Charles nor Diana was being very grown up about things ” Ms Simmons revealed in her biography on the Princess that Diana “started making the first of those anonymous calls that were to get her into so much trouble later”  She claimed that Diana was “telephoning Camilla in the middle of the night and then hanging up as soon as she answered”   The royal writer explained that Diana “tried to put Camilla out of her mind” but she always kept “cropping up”

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