It is a group of animals with many members in the Catfish family. Cats are our cute little friend who lives with the people in the cities, streets and houses. No matter how harmless and small the cats are for humans, large cats with distant relatives can be extremely dangerous and fatal for humans. Large cats are giant cats and cats in the genus Panthera. It is made up of four members, lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. Panthera breeds cats belonging to the most important features that distinguish the cats from other cats. Other large cats that are not capable of roaring are only large in size. So they are not included in the genus of Panthera. In this video I will talk about the characteristics of lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar which are considered as big cats and compare 4 big cats with each other. Before I start our video, you can subscribe to my channel and open notifications and get these and similar videos before anyone else. You can also like the video you’re watching and you can share your opinions and thoughts. Enjoy the movie The lion, one of the most known carnivores and predators of the world, is known as the king of the forests. The lion lives on the African continent in general. It can live in other continents albeit rare. Males average 250 kilograms in weight, 1.2 meters in length and 2 meters in length. The females have an average weight of 150 kilograms, a length of 1.1 meters and a length of 1.5 meters. The lion’s body color is brown and yellow. Male lions have their heads wrapped around their necks. The female lions do not have this mane. This is the most distinctive difference between male and female lions. The lions’ faces and foreheads are wide. It has strong jaws and sharp teeth. It has the ability to roar and it is among the big cats of the genus Panthera. Its feet are wide and his paws are sharp. With these features, the floor is very firm. The ability to jump and jump is highly developed. The tail of the tail is tasseled. The lion can run an average of 80 kilometers per hour. Lions have certain areas. They can fight each other to protect their territory. These fights can sometimes result in the death of one of the lions. Lions live in groups. It is the only type of cat that lives in groups. Because they live as a group, they are considered to be the most social members of the cat family. The lions are not capable of hunting alone. Perhaps the weakest point of the lion is that she can’t hunt alone. Lions hunt their prey and hunt in groups. Their time to hunt is usually night. Lions love to sleep. In general, they spend their time in the shadows of the trees and resting during the day as they hunt at night. They can even sleep for 18-20 hours a day of 24 hours. The lion lives an average of 20 years in its natural life. Well looked after can live up to 30 years. They are strong, predatory and large cats, and the number of living things that can pose a danger to them is very small. That’s why we call them the king of forests. Tiger, one of the largest cats of the genus Panthera, is the largest cat. The habitat of the tiger is very limited. It lives in Asia. Most of them live in the Indian sub-region. It generally lives in forest areas and green areas. Males average 250- 300 kilograms in weight and 3 meters in height. The females weigh about 150 kilograms in weight and 2.5 meters tall. Tigers have stripes. These lines are brown and black. It has strong jaws and sharp teeth. It has the ability to roar and it is among the big cats of the genus Panthera. Its fingernails in her strong claws are very sharp. Tigers are extremely successful in bouncing. They can jump up to 5 meters high. Tiger can run at an average speed of 49-65 kilometers per hour. Tigers like to live alone. The tigers alone are hunted. They do not discriminate on their food and can hunt any kind of animal. Among their prey, there are usually large animals such as deer and zebra. They do not hunt during the day unless they are required. They love hunting at night. The eyes of tigers see incredibly well at night. Tigers are more sharing than other cat species. It can imitate other animals so it can prey on its prey. When it sets an ambush on its prey and attacks, it probably catches prey. One of the most prominent features of the tigers is the ability to mate with lions. The tiger, which is one of the great cat species, is a good swimmer and loves to wash. Tigers live an average of 16-18 years. Tigers, which are extremely dangerous and deadly among human beings, are now one of the creatures who face the danger of extinction in the world. There are only a few thousand tigers living in the world today. Leopard, one of the great cats of the genus Panthera, is also known as pars. Leopard is the smallest of four big cats. It lives in the African continent and southern Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, India. The habitats are varied and live in forests, bushy regions, semi-desert lands. Leopard average weight of 31 kilograms, 90-160 centimeters in length and 60-70 centimeters in length. The lengths together with the tails can reach up to 2 meters. The leopard can run at 58 kilometers per hour. Leopard body is long, legs are short. The claws are very sharp and sharp. It is the most adept of climbing trees among big cats. Leopard body is yellow brown and dark brown. The lower parts are white. There are black spots on their bodies. Their hair is short and shiny. It has the ability to roar and it is among the big cats of the genus Panthera. The ear structures are short and round. Leopard is a timid and timid structure despite being predatory animals. Leopard is very talented in camouflage. It is very successful in hunting with this feature. Can hunt both day and night. Prefer to sleep in the shade in hot weather. Leopard is one of the strongest animals. Another feature that distinguishes them is that they can take their prey to the trees. Even if the hunt is large, the tree can be taken without difficulty. Leopards live an average of 12-17 years. There are many species of leopard, one of the largest cats. Some of these species are extinct, and some are at risk of extinction. Jaguar, one of the great cats of the genus Panthera, is the strongest cat after tiger and lion. Jaguar lives in South America and North America, Mexico, Central America, Argentina and Paraguay. Living areas are forested areas. The thick brown fur of the Jaguar has black spots on it. The black speckles on the tree shade allows them to be camouflaged comfortably. Some jaguars are black. These jaguars are also known as black panthers. It is very successful at hunting at night. It hunts down many creatures that it finds deep in the forest. It has the ability to roar and it is among the big cats of the genus Panthera. Jaguar average 60-90 kilograms in weight, 1-2 meters in length and 63-76 centimeters in height. The jaguar has a large and long body, short and thick legs. Although Jaguar looks like a leopard in appearance, it is similar to a lion and a tiger. It is skilled at climbing and swimming on the tree. It has strong jaws. The animals they hunt are very diverse and like to hunt alone. It hunts and eats a lot of animals from bigger creatures to small-shelled creatures. Among them are crocodile, deer, turtle, bird, fish and much more. Unlike other large cats, thanks to the very strong tooth and jaw structure, a deep hole in the prey’s skull. Thus, it reaches the prey’s brain and neutralizes it. Jaguar is separated from other big cats by this killing technique. Male do not introduce other men’s jaguars to the areas they set for themselves. Only a few female jaguars can live in this region. Jaguar lives an average of 12-15 years. In this video, I explained the characteristics of the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar of four large cats, predatory, roaring and wild. We all saw different distinctive features of each other. What is the cat you see as your favorite, most powerful among the four big cats? Share your comments with us.

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