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Puppies. Totally irresistible But if you’re thinking of buying one you really need to engage your head as well as your heart. If you jump in without doing your research you could end up with a dog that just doesn’t suit your lifestyle. That’s why so many dogs end up in rescue centers being rehomed Pip and Steve live in Sheffield and giving serious thought to buying their first pup – but don’t want to make any mistakes. I always had dogs when I was growing up, but my mum and dad looked after them I’ve never looked after one by myself before I Want something to drink? My parents weren’t pet people We had a rabbit that thought it was a dog . I used to dig in the garden, but my experience is nil Pip and Steve haven’t been responsible for a dog before so they’re calling in a puppy buying expert to help them make the right choice Bill Lambert is the manager of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeders Scheme for breeders who’ve agreed to make the health and welfare of their pups a top priority He knows all about the joys and potential pitfalls of buying a pup To start with he’s less interested in what dog would be right for Pip and Steve but whether they are right for a dog. I work from nine till five every day and all the weekdays, so I probably get home. I’d say about six o’clock if I’m not working late, but and We started to look at it now because hopefully Steve will have and a lot more time at home So if you’re at home, and you’re working from home, then that should work out quite. We like to keep the house quite tidy So I was I think something I was considering as well was dogs that molt a lot and you know Looking at specific breeds that perhaps don’t lose their hair all over the house, and then it gets everywhere else But of course the other thing is exercise. Don’t necessarily think that if it’s big It needs more exercise and if it’s small it needs less. It does depend on the temperament of the dog, and its lifestyle So you need to pick a dog that’s going to find into your lifestyle. Bill’s pleased They’re prepared to spend time training a puppy and considering signing up to one of the two thousand classes in the Kennel Club’s good citizen training scheme But have they really thought about the cost of owning a dog? Food bills , essential accessories, vets fees, insurance costs There have been some studies that show that the cost of an average dog throughout its lifetime is around 15,000 pounds So it is something to consider now. I would suggest it’s money well spent But you should actually go into that with your eyes open But which type of dog will suit them best? Bills invited three contrasting canines along to show the choice is enormous This is Emmy. A Saint Bernard – Britain’s biggest dog breed At the other end of the scale – Danny a long-haired Chihuahua – the smallest breed And representing the middle ground – Rossi – a Labrador Retriever. Labradors are Britain’s most popular breed Steve’s daughter Ella is 11 and stays most weekends so any dog they choose needs to be good with children, too first up, Danny Now the first obvious thing is that chihuahuas are small and but they are actually a big dog in a small package They’re all dog. They are a toy dog, but they’re not a toy They’re a real dog and one of the things that we try and emphasize is that they’re not necessarily the ideal dog for children. Children tend to want to pick them up, and they may not although Danny’s quite happy here being held. They don’t necessarily like being mauled. Chihuahua’s don’t have to eat a fantastic they’re a small dog so its terms of economy They’re not necessarily going to eat you out of house and home so karen. Thank you very much for that now We’re going to go from the smallest to the largest breed of dog You can clearly see a St Bernard is a much bigger dog than a Chihuahua but in actual fact, in terms of its temperament It’s probably a bit quieter and calmer. They are actually fantastic dogs with children because they are pretty reliable pretty steady dogs, and you can see Emmy here is sitting quite quietly One thing I must say about St Bernards is you will find that they do slobber quite a lot they have these Heavy jowells so so they have a certain amount of drool that will get on your clothes also They do have do require a certain degree of grooming. So certainly a couple of times a week You are going to need to bring her out and get a really good brush to it Obviously big dogs eat more so Emmy here Probably is probably going to cost you something between five and ten pounds a week to feed. Emmy probably only needs about an hour or so Exercise a day. So, that’s a St Bernard. Thank you very much for bringing Emmy along Kate. Now we’re going to actually move to somewhere between the two the most popular dog which is the labrador retriever. They are a very gregarious dog. They’re very good with people. They love people they like other dogs providing They’re socialized and well mixed from a very early age The our They are a dog that will actually live quite happily with other dogs and other animals and they are very active boisterous dog They are very bright, but you do need to channel that intelligence into doing some activity, so certainly a labrador is not a dog that you’d want to leave for long periods of time there are dog that needs a Certain amount of exercise and activity to keep it stimulated but of course that’s only three of the 211 breeds that you can actually choose from And I was actually really surprised about the larger dog, and I thought that I would have my reservations But it appeared to be the friendliest quite placid. I like the Chihuahua best But I don’t know whether with me being in the house And I don’t know whether it would be the best dog for the environment I think I really like the mall, but I’m surprised how much I like the bigger dogs as well And I have listened to what you’ve said about the costs and feeding them and things well And that they don’t need as much exercise as I thought There’s a massive choice there and this choices aren’t quite as easy as you might think of first. So, Bill’s checklist so far Can you afford a dog? Have you time to exercise ,groom and train it? Would it fit your lifestyle for up to 15 years? Pip and steve think they can tick all the boxes and so next video Bill’s introducing them to all seven main dog groups so they can start to narrow down their choice Barking! you

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  • 4:18 St Bernard is NOT a good dog for children and definitely not a dog for first time owners with no experience with dogs. I question this "expert." if you are looking for your first dog and you have no experience with dogs choose from breeds like beagle, cocker spaniel, dachshund, retriever…

  • Buying a pup, you are about to buy a animal if you treat him or her right is going to be one of your best pals ever, I was sad with my friend a few months ago because he had a lovely dog he got from being a pup and rehomed him. This dog he had was no trouble walked lovely on a lead and was very friendly, I asked why he brought it? He said the pup looked cute and its tail was waggling and didn't expect it to become so big, Well that is the first tip Pups are not pups for long they become dogs and dogs have needs, I keep German Shepherds I have done for years it is a breed I know and one I have always worked with, being my wifes carer I have lots of time to have my dogs out in the park, for long walks so I can provide that, sadly some people don't have the time so working dogs are out, also they cost money health, feeding and this can be expensiive.

    I will give you an idea of the cost as I buy most my food bulk because it works out cheaper, I buy Chappie biscuits at approx £ 20 a mnoth and chappie wet food at £8 a week, so £32 a month, treats around £4 a week £l6 a month, first vaccinations, chipping and flea, worm treatment £70 then £l3 amnoth fleaing and worming and £30 a year vacination, I put all my silver in a jar for any emergancy vet bills, so yas talking between £25 to £30 a week to keep a single German Shepherd, then there is aroun 2 hour to 3 hours per day walking and letting loose, then ther is something a lot of dog owners miss out especielly in our area picking up the poo.

    Also one of the biggest responsibillities is training the dog and that starts the day you get him or her, you also need a large crate to avoid damage to the property, I know all this sounds negative but believe it is positive because the dog will reward you if treat correct and they learn very quick. Like it said earlier in this clip so many end up in rescue centres because people make mistakes and don't realise cute pups become dogs, I buy mine from pups because I like having them from young but I want the dog, the one I have now who I have had from l0 weeks is now 23 weeks and he is growing lovely, once he is a year old I will get him a mate. I never have two pups together because to train one at the time is better, there is a lot to think about before getting a pup or dog, do you have room in your home? Can you afford it and mainly do you have time to spend and exercise a dog?

    Most behaviour problems are caused by spending little or no time with your dog, not exercising them to their needs and wrong traing shouting at ya pet and being to hard, remember you want to trust your dog then your dog needs to trust you , the same as love you get out what you put in and provide all your dogs needs and he/she knows you love them bevcause your actions show them and you will have one happy pet. They become a member of ya family you being the Alpha as a dog loves someone they trust to take lead and look after them, have time and patience don't rush ya dog and then what they learn stays, great fun to share your life with a dog as they are a true friend.

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