BUYING A $25,000 PUPPY!! (not clickbait)

yo carti stop by the crib is fucking birthday today, so happy birthday homie. I’m in love with him tho, guys if you want us to have this dog whats (gibberish) We’re back for another video yeah, so today huge fucking day I know you guys all should be rad biting that motherfucker he’s coming over He’ll be here in a little bit we’re gonna hang out with named tickle with him for a little bit, and then at 6 I’m gonna be presented with a little puppy a little Frenchie cuz you guys smashed the 200,000 likes And I promised I would get a im gettinng a puppy we’re gonna check this little dude out so you provide $25,000 So anyways $25,000 dog don’t know what to make of that I don’t know. Let me know you guys think what you guys did smash it 200,000 like on this video and i’ll get another fucking dog 300k I’ll get a 3/4 dog yes about a million and I’ll trade in all the dogs on get a pet goat is it actually 25,000 ya its actually 25 hundred It is called a blue moon French Bulldog, they just actually sold one to like the leaders of China for $200,000 Yeah, so we’re gonna figure it out. It’s a little dude He’s a little boy a little peepee and we’re gonna show we’re gonna tell on reacts And I know it’s gonna be a good long lit every fucking day Yo, let’s go check out your car open the garage. why Are you mean to me bro i get bullied by banks That is not true whoa. That’s heat this is something you pull by your ex’s with ya that is something you pull by your ex with eww its all gunty Wouldn’t be a banks vlog without Mitchell flexing on them like wow I feel like a man you shouldn’t feel like a man You’re just a boy Buddy of the Kleenex in the back you whole little posh wank on the way here go in your peepee pulling your little peepee little peepee So guys here’s the fucking man my god should be fucking Fuck it out right now. Did I fuck with you so heavy you guys already saw him last upload I just want to say homeboy came through and he mentioned something bout gaming your a gamer a man. I’m the biggest game of all time Looking for some gamers guys. This isn’t a joke he’s looking for game Once you get in the YouTube shit, so you guys already know on the game I’m the God. You know I mean you’re the rap god. I’m a gaming god. I’m telling you guys listen That’s not know who the fuck this guy is looking at issue right now. He’s the next big thing His music is 10 out of 10 you’re off you like my favorite right now I appreciate you coming by let you guys go. I love letter to you to October 6 Hell yeah October 6 baby, so that was fucking dope we’d show a trippy. He’s the man here He’s sick like he’s actually the fucking man. He’s a cool, dude Which is refreshing like I said, I’ve been listening all day every day for a while now And you hope that they’re as cool as like you hope that they are right. I hope that makes sense what yeah he’s the man. He’s the homie super relatable into the whole gaming thing like I said guys he palyed mw2 hes a trick shotter I know you are bro. What hes dope I’m telling you guys it’s gonna be the next big thing I’m not fucking around all that you believe that yeah He’s gonna blow my like mainstream blow the fuck up like I’m talking Travis slow uzi status But on anyway some image are in Bentley right now. We’re on our way to go in and get our gold I don’t know if you guys remember this I’ve dropped off a Gucci bracelet a silver Gucci bracelet you dropped off a silver Don’t you change you up roll the clip go drop off that bracelet at the gold plating place yeah there I’m actually so stoked to be dropping this off. It’s gonna be so cool We’re trying to get something gold plated trying to fit some ice and so yeah, we dropped that off the gold players They’re finally done on it And you gonna pick it up Or stoked on that, and I’ll show you guys what that shit looks like when we get there Wow, you guys really crushed. It really crushed. It’s it’s well worth the wait Let me show you mine real quick Wow that’s awesome. You guys really crushed it god. It’s on Melrose I leave them a little shadow because they’re so cheap all it cost 20 bucks each to do this quality Gold show slogan and wear it every day now. I’m happy. Oh. Yeah. This is awesome stuff. Oh my god I’m so happy with this dude. It’s more like it W truly a W, bitch now we’re gonna get some food. I’m starving and then we’re gonna go see the little puppy That’s gonna. Be sick. I know you’re gonna get it until today. Yep forget a little puppy I think so I think so we’re gonna try it out. We’re gonna. See how we do HL Unlike some we’re just gonna say London. I don’t think London’s gonna to it London’s crazy. We’ll see how it goes and here we are You’re a fighter, thank you All right, so just got home before the Dawkins here Nick texted me said that some packets came here for me I think they’re my shoes. Yeah, we’re the box oh, hi Lucas hey Both are mine all free Oh, yeah, those are okay, but I like the black ones better Did that piss you off already More shoes than this and busted open for you right now. I’ve been debating on getting the whole off-white Nike collection I don’t you guys saw that off wait for the both of you Don’t know but designer hyper and we all fuck with it. We all love it this video gets to definitely 200,000 I’ll get the whole collection. I think it’s like the whole thing To do all right well bus he’s open by my fellow. Hype B’s friend writes, I think he’ll appreciate this Maybe go right you doing in here dog No, I got some more shoes to go. Yeah, if you want to pop open the first box honestly go for it You’re looking pretty fine right now. I wonder what these ones are okay, okay? Okay, it says supreme right there, bro It says supreme right there automatically cool now. I’m pretty sure these are used yeah They are they’ve been worn, but they’re actually a great condition. Yeah, bro holding our son told ourselves to bring collab She’s actually fired huh? Oh my god bro, are you kidding me? These are flames, dude? Stupid shoe see Flex these are actually easy know it those are users have assets, dude. Oh, I’ve heard of those Oh dude. These are Dance, this is just never issued then he’s about to put them right on Serious matching your hole fit Loki it’s like the same color shirt dude. These are heat yeah very that’s a Damn what dude I haven’t even seen any of these ever you see the little supremely Sick nice little three shoe pick up so much No Luckily for me a lot of guys actually do like sneakers you guys do like clothes and fashion something that super aligns with what I? Like and stuff so I might show you guys my shit. I am thinking about doing a shoe collection I want to get a couple more shoes. I’m audience. I’m passionate about always slug shoes I think my collections starting to get there. I think it’s starting to get there, bro It’s pretty stacked right now. Next time you guys see me Do I’ll have a little puppy in my hand watch watch this there it is Oh my god, Alyssa look at the dog – puppy. It’s a little puppy baby nice I love this dog how big as a little ears? Oh? He’s so cute So for those you’re wondering what the title is all about why this little guy costs so much money He’s a tricolor blue moon ray really really good-looking French Bulldog And I love him do you like them Alyssa like we’re good London London or not she’s baby Give it kisses Oh mommy You go girl. Oh, yeah guys do you really have to think about this because it is a huge financial commitment And it’s a huge life commitment most importantly. Yeah, so they’re gonna take her and then if we want him tomorrow I’m gonna have to come with a check or cashing in I’m in love with him though guys if you want us to have this Dog one slap a like on the video obviously and to put some names give you some name ideas for he loves one and Elissa He follows London everywhere. She goes in the room his eyeballs. Don’t leave her. He’s so goddamn cute He loves me get home all the little pumpkin. He’s so beautiful. You’re so perfect you love to him no I actually think she likes him. I actually think she really likes him Oh Take a little brother gonna be a little brother, Jim kisses. Good girl, babe. I wish we could have him right now Really really good with other dogs English bulldogs and friendship boys She doesn’t want him to go anywhere she wants to cuddle it Oh my god She wraps her arms around him. She’s what she literally wraps her arms around him, Alyssa Oh my god. That’s so cool. Hey Dude he’s fucking awesome. Oh my god, I wish we went to the bag throw out water right now. I really do Hey, hey, she’s so frustrated right now. You’re fine, baby Guys the dogs gone they took him back and brought in my home feel like this needs to be his home I know that it sounded like earlier. I was having you know I’ve been considering this for a while I know I want to get loving a friend for sure and you guys did smash to 20,000 likes when I told you guys to So I have to keep my end of the bargain. I’m a wake up tomorrow. I’m gonna go to the fucking bank I’m gonna pull out fans not security with me so can thought you little rat mother I’m gonna go to that house, and I’m gonna get that doggie It’s gonna be my daughter happy that makes me so happy so yeah right now. We’ll see the dog on right now here. We are little guy, oh I told you I’d come back for you, and these roses are with ass fully raw cheese I’m gonna put that on the street best Bulldogs in the game in LA they’re they know their shit You guys are interested in Bulldogs Freddie’s English bulldogs rare one school once. What is it? I happily Roth use check them out guys seriously amazing people. I’m so happy this little guy oh So happy thank you guys so much seriously you guys are amazing. Thank you guys so much. We’re gonna bring this full dude home I’ll see you guys there No Karthik stop by the curb. It’s just good birthday today, so how do you birthday, homie? I think we’re gonna have some fun. There was another man where they got the new member I think we might nail them. I don’t know. What do you guys think we should nail hey, man? How do you fucking birthday, dude we’re gonna turn it fuck off for you these two are honestly doing so well together They love each other. He’s just jumping around. They’re both looking super happy Look at how much bigger he is than her ah hey hey be careful. He’s a baby They’re gonna be awesome together. I’m so excited. I think anybody’s more excited than London to have this puppy listen You’re pretty stoked right. I’m very happy – I’m really really happy I think he’s gonna be hey be careful their only play And they really are only playing she’s not being aggressive or anything she like hugs in She loves to hug him the guy’s Good All right guys we’re gonna hang out with them for a little bit. It’s Carly’s birthday I think you want to hang out here a big tribute Is dope I’m gonna start another vlog immediately after this so excited for all this shit. I really am a gang guys Please fall at bullier Aziz on Instagram pop it up on the screen again They are so dope they have the cutest Prettiest Bulldogs in the world French and English bulldogs in the world that really appreciate them hooking up with this Bulldog I really really AM guys. It’s been your boy. Thanks. It’s been a really really good couple days. I’ll keep the trend going It’s been your boy bag No some old dude just followed @georgethepuddycat on instagram guys you should do it too teawap is bae

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