Buoy Tending in the Newfoundland & Labrador Region – Canadian Coast Guard

Hi my name is Reg, I’m the boatswain on the George R. Pearkes in St John’s Newfoundland and you are about to see the deployment and retrieval of a buoy. (Music) The buoys is to help with the Aids to Navigation and to help with shipping and pleasure boats also use them quite often around different communities and that… to keep them in safe waters. It always safety first and that sort of thing, right , that’s the big thing… I shouldn’t say it’s common sense its something you got to learn as part of your thing, just comes second nature. (Music) All told I say that’s about 6-7 tonne. (Music) Maximum lift is 20 tonnes for that crane. (Music) As we do bigger buoys and ah, you know with longer chains and 8 thousand pound stone and all that stuff right. (Music) On the Pearkes it takes teamwork for everybody and everything to work well and to get the job done.

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