– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (instrumental music) – My name is Raleigh Dickson. I am the caretaker and trainer for the dogs that are owned
by Halal Pakistani mastiffs. The owner of the dogs is Brenda Evans. And this breach history
dates back to 1500s, okay. They were used primarily
for guarding herds of cattle in livestock, they were
used to guard homes. These dogs will also spoke
of which you can’t prove because they kept no definitive record over there of this breed. They were used with the
Persian king, Xerxes. They speak of a large mastiff-type dog, that could have been the
Iranian Persian Mastiff or could have been the
one it time the Alangu and I may have mispronunciation the word but it’s spelled A-L-A-N-G-U
the Alangu Mastiff is where they stated
these dogs derived from. Later on in history, they
started using them the fight which is something that I do not advocate one shape form of fashion. This is a very rustic breed of dog. Commonly this breed is
referred to as the Bully Kutta. I do not refer to them as that
and I do not call them that because literally the
word Bully Kutta and Farsi and Urdu language mean large wrinkled dog, they are more than just
a large wrinkled dog. They are a mastiff type of dog that derived from
Pakistan as well as India. The Punjab region which
is in both countries using Punjab in Pakistan, Punjab in India. It is a good dog to be
utilized for guard work. Typically these dogs male version should be 32 inches or
taller at the withers. They make it as tall as 35 inches I have not seen any yet 35 inches My dogs personally they are
about 34 inches at the withers the female should be 30 inches
to 32 inches at the withers. (upbeat music) My main purpose for breeding this breed is to expose the Western Hemisphere to a form of mastiff that
first of all is bred healthy and to show that this
dog can have more uses than just fighting ’cause that’s primarily what they do with it over
there in India and Pakistan. (wind blowing) The kennel name is Halal
Pakistani mastiffs okay, the meaning of Halal is an
Arabic word that means lawful. Okay, so therefore these
dogs are being used in the lawful manner and
lawful is primarily in regard to the Islamic culture of lawful, alright. It is not lawful to use the dogs to fight it is not lawful to use the dogs to do anything other than hunt because remember, they
use dogs as hunting tools and in the past it is lawful
to have them to use them as protection of livestock
and property, okay so that’s where the word Halal of Halal Pakistani mastiff derived from. It is Islamically lawful the
way that I’m using these dogs I do not use them to
hunt any form of animals. You come on my wife and I
property, they go hunt you you come with the uninvited
they go hunting, okay. (instrumental music) I’ve been dealing with mastiff
breeds of dogs since 1998. I’ve done a breed Neapolitan Mastiffs and I bred South African
Mastiffs actually imported the second black Boerboel
from Lucas Van Vuuren and specific kennels over
there in South Africa. I have decent amount of
knowledge of the mastiff breed. This mastiff breed has definitely shown me that it is a working caliber dog. Is it good for the tight urban areas? No, I wouldn’t recommend it. They are protective and
a Colombian protected they have to be aggressive. So they are aggressive
towards strange people, animals, everyone but their own. I like large dog breeds
because the larger an animal, the equivalent of a bobcat versus a tiger, a monkey versus a silverback with dogs. The larger the animal, the
more man stopping capabilities that they have. When you’re dealing with dogs that are primarily using
a rustic rule environment. You want something that
can not only stop a man from coming into your
property your home uninvited. You want an animal that
could stop a coyote. You want an animal that
could stop a bobcat. You want an animal that can stop a bear. (upbeat instrumental music) Once they establish the dominance, they can be used as dogs to guard hearts like lamb, cow, sheep
and to stop any predator that’s bigger than them,
you have to have a big dog. It is we live, blue heelers
are some of the best hurting dogs but coyotes
can kill a blue heeler like that coyotes can kill
a bobcat can definitely kill an Australian Shepherd with no problem. (upbeat instrumental music) All the breeders here in America
in the Western Hemisphere, but I don’t know anybody
else outside of America other than in Indian Pakistan
that actually owns these dogs. All of us are starting
from the bottom floor. We’re starting from little
to no validated proof of existence first of
all, in regard to the I guess you could say the lineage which is very important the pedigree. Nobody has a pedigree on his dog. The basic size for these dogs and type is all we really have to go by. Nobody could bring any
form of validated proof that this is where the breed comes from because nobody kept any records. So therefore, I don’t
put a lot of merit into what people over there
and Pakistan and India say because they may or may not
be more intelligent than I am, but they weren’t considered enough for the breed to keep records. How can you breed a dog and you don’t keep any form of records. You have records for the
pit bull dating back 1700. We have records for the Boerboel
the South African mastiff dating back to the SABC and
Historic Boerboel Association dating back to the 1800s. So we’re really starting anyone who claims that they have including myself, anyone who claims that
they have the authentic or pure version of this breed ask them to bring including myself, ask them to bring some form of proof physical that you can see, other than campfire
stories, myths and tales. They can’t bring a pedigree they can’t even bring a picture. (instrumental music) When you see someone stating
any history of the dogs coming from India and Pakistan and you can get good
specimens of this type of dog from both countries, India and Pakistan, they’ll tell you who the
father is, that’s it. How can you reproduce a dog and you can only state
who the dog’s father is not the dog’s mother maybe
that’s some cultural background. And that’s the culture and I’m not saying anything
negative about the culture but in the Western Hemisphere
in the European countries as well as in America we state
the mother and the father because they’re 50% mother
is in the father 50% of the breeding. So it’s a mastiff type of dog 34 inches. It’s a mastiff type of dog but it’s not considered
a breed once again, because there’s no standard. There’s definitely no pedigree, no tracking of the mother and father, the siblings, the little mate. Like I said, respectfully the
people in India and Pakistan have done a severe discredit
to this type of dog. In regard to how they
have been reproduced, they have been reproduced in
the exact opposite fashion of every dollar that is recognized as a breed in the Western Hemisphere. (instrumental music) They’re very dominant breed of dog. So provided the owner
is not a dominant person then they shouldn’t own this breed. My wife sells the Pakistani mastiffs primarily to people who have homes with a least a quarter acre of land. And because my wife and I
have only had one breeding she kept back three of the
dogs for her breeding program and the other ones have gone to clients that have more than a
quarter acre of land. They’re not good patch
because they’re gonna be very territorial and they’re gonna display aggression towards
other animals and people so once again they are reiterate they’re not a good match
for the urban environment. To be honest with you, I have
seen my dog lunge at people, but I can’t honestly say that
my dogs have attacked people. They have been used in personal protection bite words against people
in the bike suits yes. I can tell when a dog is being aggressive and you’ll see God willing you won’t see but you’ll see examples of aggression when we go outside with them you won’t see that they’re aggressive because I’m not gonna
let you get nearer to me but have very high confidence that my dogs will bite any human and that’s
why I wouldn’t sell them to somebody in an urban area. (upbeat instrumental music) The area that my wife and
I live in its rural area. And this is why we own those dogs. I can honestly say I’ve
taken my dog into urban areas ’cause I have to take
them to the veterinarian and once again video proof
of it but they’re muzzled I don’t advocate puppy
milling and my wife and I because we are an Islamic household we don’t sell dogs for profit. We sell our puppies to
gain back what we have put into their $10,000 dog house,
45 feet long, 12 feet wide. We take the money back to
put into the cow organs that we pay for to feed these dogs. We take the money to put back in the money we use to bring the dogs
over here from India. But it’s evidence we have
one little on the ground and the little 15 months old, my female definitely gone
through heat three times again and I refuse them to breed her but there’s first of all,
I want this first specimen of the breed from our
kennel to be old enough to where I can say, “You know what? “We’re repeating the same thing” (upbeat instrumental music) In the Halal Pakistani
Mastiff breeding contract, you must have the dog’s hips
tested after age of 18 months you cannot use these dogs in any form of illegal fighting sports. You can’t use them for personal
protection shifts and work. The dogs that Halal Pakistani Mastiff had their breeding contract restricts
you to only breeding dogs that they approve you to
breed with, that’s it. You can’t breed it with any form of dog to bring a bigger size or a
more aggressive temperament. The reason that the Halal
Pakistani Mastiff contract is so restrictive is so
that the dogs are owned in a responsible manner, are
used in a responsible manner. They’re not of course I
reiterated about them fighting, but I don’t want them to be
just turned off of the leash in a backyard, quarter acre or bigger with a four foot fence
and the dog over the fence and hurt a child, hurt a woman, hurt a man these dogs because of their first of all, their lack of exposure to
the Western Hemisphere. Second of all, the fact that
there’s probably a less than I definitely know so less
than 100 of this specimen of dog in this country America. I want them to be displayed and presented in the most lawful,
ethical, responsible manner. And this is why with the
Halal Pakistani Mastiff breeding contract you’re not just gonna set them out off of a leash, you’re not gonna take them to a dog park. You’re gonna use them for
what they have been used for for years and the Halal correct uses, they’re gonna guard and they’re gonna love and they’re gonna protect the family but they’re going to be represented because they’re so new to this country. They’re gonna be represented
in every positive aspect that the breed can when they
actually become a breed. (upbeat instrumental music) Thanks to God and God alone, I have an opportunity to
establish a breed standard for the Pakistani Mastiff,
for the Indian Mastiff okay, the mission statement of this
kennel Halal Pakistani Mastiff is to establish that first of
all, there is a pedigree line. Second of all there is a breed standard for confirmation, angulation, appraisal to make this breed get
the same accreditation as every European and American breed, such as a German Shepherd, such
as the South African Mastiff such as the Great Dane,
such as the Bully Mastiff. I want this dog to be viewed equally as every other dog coming
out of Europe and America. Will it happen in the next
couple years, I doubt it. But God willing with my
wife diligent and hard work we will bring this dog
up to the same standard as the Cane Corso, as the
Bully Mastiff, as the Fila, as the Argentina Dogo,
as the Turkish kangal all of the dogs that at one time were not accepted by the
European Kennel Clubs and registries and they
were not recognized as breeds of dogs. (upbeat instrumental music) ♪ Won’t check now we go way up ♪ ♪ stop we use is easy as a lay up ♪ ♪ we can lay stay up, stay up ♪ ♪ can not the way up ♪ ♪ come blessings yeah,
you know we pray up ♪ ♪ way up, pray up ♪ ♪ won’t check now we go
way up, now we go way up ♪ ♪ now we go way up, now we going ♪ ♪ won’t check now we go way up ♪ ♪ now we go way up, now we going ♪


  • Who gives a shit about religion when it comes to living creatures..? Raise these beatiful dogs to be friends with us humans.. Thats the point. "Halal" and all this bullshit.. Theyre fucking dogs.. All you need to teach them is to love and be peaceful.. Dont bring your human logic of religion into their lives. Dogs are beatiful life forms we created not just to help us to work but for companionship as well..

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  • You can also research on bull ter .its breed British people created via missing there dog with bully kutta and it was old type of bull terrier .

  • These dogs are found in Pakistans province of Punjab and Sindh. Huge powerful loyal dogs. It is completly unlawful and forbidden to mistreat any animal or use them to fight eachother. The people that do so, do it for their own greed to gain money. They will ultimutly face punishment in the hearafter for the mistreatment of Gods creation.

  • I’ll probably get some haters attack me for saying this, but you should NEVER chain a dog. This will promote aggressive behaviour. Kennel them if they need to be contained.

  • This dog has its origin in Sindh & Panjab provinces of Pakistan, specially Sindh.
    Its has its origins in Pak not persia and the word Bully Kutta is Panjabi and not persian. That said the persians may have used them but thats about it.

  • We heard that this dogs can be used as Lifestock Guardian dogs (LGD).
    If the breed has not been bred as working LGDs, I don't think they will have this specific mentality and traits needed for this work. This is why I seriously doubt that they can be used as LDGs.

  • Nice video, i have a full pakistani bully kutta in the UK, its a 6 month pup yet but is around family and kids. Very protective of its owners and very strong, height upto the back is 22” and weighs around 38kg.

  • I could never own this breed because of my lifestyle, but I have a strange respect for this breed that I can't explain.

  • Bully kutta is extremely agreessive mastiff dog. They are dangerous for both owners and strangers. These dogs are used foe guarding and dog fighting(whereever it is legal). They are not kid friendly and aggressive by instinct.
    Bully Kutta: Also known as the Pakistani Mastiff this is a very aggressive breed who has been described by some breeders as "virtually un-trainable" and very hard to tame. They are fiercely loyal and will take on anyone or anything in order to protect it's family.

  • These dogs originate from the sindh province of pakistan not punjab and can only be found in indian in recent years because indiana are importing them from pakistan.these are pakistani bully mastiffs and yes strong and fearless dogs

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  • this dog's history is one of the more tragic among all breeds… the breed has been historically bred and used to fight leopards, hyenas, bears, tiger, and even human prisoners, mostly women or undesirable minorities.. usually the dog's victim are chained or injured pre-fight… there's a footage of a chained hyena that was ganged up by two or three bully kuttas…

  • Here in Pakistan we usually use them for Rich Dog fights mostly happening in rural tribal areas up at North of Pakistan…but now there is a very strict laws to prevent Dog Fights…
    Check out Kohati Bully too…. you gonna love it… This breed is now hard find too …but they are good fighting dogs….
    Nice video….two thumbs up..huge respect and love from Pakistan..


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    Genetic diversity is the key for healthy dogs. Over selecting bully kuttas could make them as weak as the others….

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  • Hi bro. This is one of the most ancient breeds of South India which has it's own tradition from 5th century. Primitively known as Alangu used as worker dogs and also applied in warfare. Later it was attracted and moved to North India by the rulers who loved dog fight. You can also find the sculptures and paintings of this breed in many South Indian temple especially the chola temples.

  • I am Pakistani and I can say without any hesitation bully kutta is king of dog because it's stand in front of lion for owner my cousin use to keep bully kutta and I know they are very strong dog …in this video he have small bully kutta but we have much bigger breed in Pakistan

  • In muslim households where dogs are allowed, most are viewed as utility tools at best, hence his focus on 'lawful' & ethical ownership Although I appreciate this person advocating responsible dog ownership, especially with powerful, working type breeds, I would appreciate a different perspective on this breed. Or is this breed truly irredeemable to be around in a family setting with children, snoozing on the couch.

  • We do consider it a breed in Asia. Don't matter what you think. It's our pride. Don't keep one,if you don't want one if history matters that much.

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  • Nice video brother , you are right , these amazing dogs are only used for fights but in fact they are amazing dogs for family

  • Great filming as always. Unfortunately we could not see them roaming freely like other breeds you show us (boerboels come first in my mind). But allow me a comment irrelevant to Zeke's great work.
    I see in the film and in the comments a mingle between Dog breeding and religion. These two things should be kept apart, they have nothing to do with each other. Whatever the religion.

  • Heeler can kill dingo and dingo is about same height as preriawolf so you say it can kill easily naah you wrong about that heeler has genetics from european shepherds and dingo so you aint right about that BUT great video about bully kutta.

  • I've seen these dogs via YouTube videos…vs men( decoy work)….and there's one out there where they put the dog in the pit with a 🐗 and while they show DOGOS take down 🐗…this breed got curred ..maybe it was just the ones displayed…I have been very unimpressed with this breed

  • Very good keep up n very clean dogs. We can see the love for these big mastiff breeds in the eyes of the owner..

  • It must be against the law to grow trees around that camp…. I'll be growing some
    .. there's no shade for the dogs… That's an Hell of a life for the dogs I see

  • I love what you are doing with these dogs. I'm blown away by the breed: never heard of them before, and now I'm in love… a beautiful thing! Thank you. Thank you.

  • my uncle have these dogs .. an intruder came to the yard went in the house and took whatever he wanted .. these dogs were sleeping .. couldn't guard for nothing … in my opinion , these dogs are garbage .. big and strong .. but they couldn't guard or protect

  • We've owned these dogs in Pakistan for generations on our farms. I've noticed that what you said about them only mentioning the father but I've seen them say more than a few generations back. They aren't bothered about keeping pedigree records because dogs were never bought and sold on farms due to the sale of dogs and cats being impermissible in Islam and the culture frowned upon it. Was as simple as once someone's livestock's guard dog died or was sick they would ask around if there were any puppies born close by, if there were they'd ask who the father was and the father's father to get an idea of type of dog it would grow into. And then the person who had the puppies would give them away for free. First come first serve. Every farm has a pack of dogs. Bully Kuttas and Bagyari dogs (Asian shepherds? They look a bit like wolves.) Bully Kuttas mainly guard and are more for muscle and Bagyaris are more intelligent and have stamina to be watching boundaries around the clock. I've seen Farmers like my uncles etc usually chain up the Bully Kuttas during the day and release them at night to roam the fields around their farm but the Bagyaris would be loose 24/7. I've seen them taking on puppies and judging if a Bully Kutta is of good breed. It's usually done by someone who is known to have knowledge of it. They run hands along the legs and check muscle build. Bone structure. The way feet are placed and toes are spread. They check the gait of the dog when it runs and to see if it's straining to breathe etc. Height etc. Most people used to look for intelligence and loyalty and in the dog and take puppies from dogs that were well known to have those characteristics, but in recent years after looking at the West alot of the younger generation have started using them for fighting and so breeding them for that purpose. It's affected the gene pool and now there are lots of Bully Kuttas that are good fighters but not so much on the intelligence and loyalty.
    I live in the Punjab are of Pakistan. Did Dog Fighting is quite common there now especially more up north and because of those people have started selling pups from good fighters for the easy money. Sad times. You'll only find good loyal hard working breeds in very rural areas on Punjab.
    There's person on YouTube who imports them from Pakistan to the UK called PoochDVD. I'm not too sure about his stock though, I'll let you be the judge of that. I'm happy to see that they're going abroad and being kept healthy and the best specimens are being bred for the right purposes.
    May Allah bless you and your work.

  • I disagree with this breeder that the larger the animal the more man stopping capabilities that has. That's just not true. We can argue about it all day but different dogs of different sizes are good at stopping people in different ways

  • Five or six coyotes could kill one of these dogs as well. There's different kinds of dogs that are utilized in herding and guarding and defending flocks and herds. Anatolian Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Rottweilers believe it or not and other large breeds are used for scaring off predators. And then there's some smaller and mid-sized breeds that are used to do more herding and to guard. These dogs seem great but you're not going to herd very quickly

  • I'm looking for a girl and a boy canoe that's what I'm looking for can you help me at any time let it be known let it be done shalom

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  • I am from India and had no idea that we have a native variation of Mastiff here in the sub-continent… thanks for the information.

  • Confirmation on this breed is similar to the Neopolitan from the shoulders back. This is definitely a Mollosser breed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with your breed. Its how we protect our breeds that are not for everyone! I am a Giant Schnauzer person of 30 plus years. We teach the same message to protect our breed. We have to as guardians of these magnificent animals we are blessed to have in our lives.

  • I believe the toughest recognition for them is to stop people using them as fight dogs!lf a dog's mind is traumatized and his body is constantly in pain what could they possibly give to us!Their LIFE?

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  • Speaking of keeping records in India, you should keep in mind that the British ruled India and killed almost half of the dog population and the wildlife there. So people had more pressing issues than keeping records of the dog.

  • These dogs have been in the UK for many years some of the first imported and bred by Pooch DVD. Thankfully they are quite expensive and most that do have them are responsible in not puppy milling them as they can be very dangerous animals in the wrong hands. Some of what he says is incorrect as they can be kept in Urban areas however they will do better in rural areas.

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  • Finally I don't understand what you mean the dogs are registered to your home. Do you mean you have a dog license and that's the address you use? Because if you're not a member of a Kennel Club of any kind because the breed isn't recognized in any Kennel Club and how could you have the dogs registered in a Kennel Club like the AKC? I mean I don't think it matters whether dogs breeds are registered in a Kennel Club or not to be honest but I'm just trying to understand what you mean by your dogs are registered to that house that you owe. Are the dogs not registered to you? And what do you mean by registered?

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