Bulgaria to London for the street dogs

I’ve been cycling with my new dog Scout
from Bulgaria through Romania into Hungary and up into Slovakia for a second or two and
then into Austria. I had a healthy amount of detachment from the reality of what I’m
doing all leading up to this and now, even half way through, I can’t quite comprehend
that’s what I’ve done, but I’m doing this ridiculous thing in order to raise money
to help Street Hearts; to help Emma and Anthony offer the lifesaving and sort of life changing
treatment and care that they give to the street dogs in Bulgaria, in their area and to offer
them the chance of a new life: give them passports and let them go on their own little European
adventures; you know, find homes in the UK or France or Holland, or Germany, or anywhere
else where people really want lovely dogs. We’ve had amazing donations so far; I can’t
believe how much we’ve raised and I know first hand exactly where that money is going
and what it’s going to provide. There’s so much that street Hearts need in terms of
facilities in order to do the work that they do and, I mean, just £5 buys dog food for
twenty dogs for a week, you know, it goes a long way in Bulgaria which is fantastic and
getting all the passports, getting a medical room which we sorely need, you know, a wash
room; somewhere to clean the dogs and treat them for the various types of skin conditions
that they often come in with; a sick bay, a quarantine area. there’s so much that
Street Hearts need now that they’re expanding and now that they’ve become such a haven
for so many dogs and your donations go directly to them and to help those things immediately,
I’ve you know… they’re buying wood and fencing right now to build more pen areas
to house more dogs; they’re building kennels right now but they need the money directly
to just buy that wood, you know it’s grass roots and it’s really simple. Everything
that you donate goes there.

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