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BTS, BangTan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts is a South Korean boy band from K-Pop. The group consists of seven boys from South Korea. The leader of the band is called RM and is a rapper; is accompanied by Jin, singer; Suga, rapper; J-Hope, rapper and dancer; Jimin, singer and dancer; V, singer; and Jungkook, lead singer, dancer and the group’s maknae* Each member has a different personality and talent that complement each other perfectly, making BTS a very round group and one of the most powerful in the current scene. The project of the band comes from way back It was 2010 when Bang Sihyuk, owner of Big Hit Entertainment, listened to Rap Monster (RM) for the first time and was totally impressed He signed a contract with him immediately and after several auditions the other members arrived. The boys were preparing to debut for MORE THAN TWO YEARS. And finally, after the hard training, on June 12, 2013 they released their first single “2 Cool 4 Skool” and their official presentation was only the following day in the program “M! Countdown” In September their LEP arrived; “O! RUL8, 2?” and also the first reality show of the band, “Rookie King”, was released In November they made their first performance outside of South Korea; in Thailand. And in December their first concert in Japan. On February 12, 2014, they released their mini-album, “Skool Luv Affair”, with which they finished their trilogy for the school. After the group’s good reception in the country of the rising sun (Japan), on June 4, 2014 they released their first single there: “No More Dream” And is that BTS, in addition to his international career, have a parallel career in Japan, where they have already published 2 studio albums, 6 singles and 3 DVD’s At the end of June 2014, the band traveled to the United States to produce a new album and took advantage of the stay to record their second reality show: “American Hustle Life”. In August 2014 their first COMPLETE studio album was published: “Dark & Wild”, with the single “Danger” As their fan bases grew, and international tours ran out, came the EP “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Part I” in April 2015. Part II would come out a few months later. The trilogy closed with a special album: “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever” The official name of the fanclub of the band is A.R.M.Y, an acronym of Adorable Representative Mc for Youth. In addition, it also means ARMY (the word, not the acronym), because for the BTS guys, their fans are the army that faithfully, and tirelessly, fight for them. In October 2016, the second studio album of the band went on sale: “WINGS”. The album got to enter the Billboard 200 at number 26. And with the song “Fire” they managed to position simultaneously as number 1 in all the musical lists of Korea. On February 12, 2017 they released a reissue of the album called “WINGS: You Never Walk Alone” On April 10, 2017, BTS were nominated in the Top Social Artist category of the Billboard Music Awards. Thanks to the votes of their fans, BTS were crowned Top Social Artist winners in the BBMAs, surpassing even Justin Bieber On September 18, 2017, BTS released “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ “, the group’s fifth mini-album, with “DNA” as tittle track. They made a collaboration with the duo The ChainSmokers and with Steve Aoki and Desiigner with the Remix of their song “MIC Drop” released in November 2017 and that has led national and international music lists for many weeks BTS does not stop breaking records for KPop, since the beginning of their career they have received many awards, as well as a great reception from both the critics and the public. As of July 2017 a new acronym was added for the English version of BTS: “Beyond The Stage” and they made a new logo. They said that “The meaning behind the new brand identity is BTS protecting health from prejudice They move forward, pursuing their dreams instead of stagnating in reality The design shows ARMY getting to know BTS thanks to the doors open. ” With the support of their fans and their fun and sociable character, they have managed to position themselves really well on social networks: They currently have 13 million followers on Twitter and V LIVE, and have almost 9 million followers on Instagram. More than 700,000 people subscribe to their Fan Cafe, reaching the top spots. As an anecdote, in May of last year they became the first Korean group to have their OWN emoji on Twitter, besides, they became the most mentioned celebrity in the social network during 2017 Thanks to their music and the care of MVs** where they combine ballads of love and rap with lyrics that talk about harassment and rejection, they have managed to connect with youth and differentiate themselves from other similar bands. BTS has become one of KPop’s highlights on the national and international scene!! ♡BTS!♡ Do not forget to subscribe and like it if you liked it. And you can also follow us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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