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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, everyone. Today we are going
to show you how to deal with hair,
but not human hair. We’re actually going to
deal with puppy hair. Huh? Puppy hair. Yeah, tonight is bath
night for Braidy. Huh? And he’s going to
be our movie star. So we’re going to show
how to take care of Braidy and what we do when we
bathe him. [CHUCKLES] -So first we’re going
to turn the water on. And you want it not
hot, but not cold. Just like a baby. Just like a perfect
medium temperature. And then you want to take your
little doggie oatmeal soap right here that is recommended
by our vet for our dog. And then we’re just
going to put it on him and lather him up and– -Lather him up,
make him all bubbly. -Yeah. Make him all sudsy, and
then just wash him off. And then that’s when you’ll turn
the water off and get him out. So we’re going to do that now. OK, all warm. -You’re OK. -You’re OK. Aw. -You are wet. -Aw, sorry baby. That’s good. A cute little rat, huh? -All right. All right. OK. I’ll hold you, and
Brooklyn will wash you. -Oh. Yes. Good boy. All done. All done. -Aw, look at him. Oh, look at him. -Look at you, cute Braidy. Come on. We’ll dry you off. Look at that face. Oh, it’s like a little baby. -So the next step is
going to blow dry him so that he can be super fluffy. And you want to make
sure it’s not on hot. You want to turn it on warm
so that it doesn’t hurt them. So we’ll start blow drying. Oh. All right. [INAUDIBLE] -OK. Now we’re going
to brush him out. And my mom got a hairbrush. And we decided we liked
hairbrushes better, because he actually
has hair, not fur. So the dog ones
don’t work as well. She just got an extra
one, so we don’t use this. It’s just for the dog. And then just brush him out. So he looks all nice
and combed out, huh? Combed out. Brush right there. -[CHUCKLES] It’s like wavy. It’s so wavy. Such a fluffy dog. There we go, Braidy. -Oh, there we go. -Our nice, clean, puppy. -He’s so snuggly. -My buddy.
[KISSING NOISES] My buddy. Thank you for the kiss. -So one of my dog’s favorite
things is his Orapup. Now, for those of you that
are familiar with dogs, you know that teeth
are really important, and they get lots of
bacteria on their tongue, and so dogs start having
really bad breath. One great way to fight
it is with an Orapup. So this is like a
fortified oral health gel that’s got anti-plaques
and natural bad breath fighting enzymes in it. And this flavor
is beef and bacon. So my dog loves it. And what you do is you just
stick it on an Orabrush, which is basically like a glorified
brush with lots of bristles on it, and then instead
of fighting your dog, like with a toothbrush,
you just put it down. And the smell– look, they
just lick it right off. And when they’re
licking, they’re scraping their tongue
across all those bristles and scratching off
all that bacteria. And it also helps
fight the plaque on their teeth, which is great. He obviously loves it. It’s a great way to do
it without fighting over a toothbrush, because
he loves it, obviously. It’s like he doesn’t
want me to put it down. And I have put a link
in the description box below if you’re interested
in your own Orapup. You can check it out below, and
I’ll show you where to buy one. Mm. You can see he loves it. He hates it when I take
it away, because he just will lick it forever. And then to clean it
off, all you have to do is rinse it under the sink. And it just washes
all the residue off. And then it just dries. You can see, it’s all gone. So it’s simple, easy, I love it. He loves it. See, he’s still wanting more. He’s like, give me more. Give me more. Bacon. But if you want to
see more puppy videos and more videos of
great Braidy over here, the fantastic Braidy,
leave a comment below, and we will see you guys later. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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