BORDER COLLIE – Origen del border collie, caracteristicas, cuidados y salud

The border collie is considered the most dog
intelligent world, according to Stanley Coren, professor and researcher neuropsychological
the famous book “The Intelligence of Dogs” It is a race that
It has a great capacity for learning different areas: basic canine obedience,
canine skills, herding and agility. This time we present the history,
general appearance, health care and this docil, Cunning, alert, obedient and intelligent
herding dog, officially known as: BORDER COLLIE. HISTORY.
The name of this breed states in part his origin (border-border). Border Collie
It was developed in the border region between Scotland and England in order to shepherd
during the days in the toughest terrain. The precursor of this race came to the islands
British between BC and V centuries BC since some of the Celtic communities
crossed Europe settled in Ireland their livestock and dogs. There may come
Collie name, “useful” in Gaelic language of these peoples, although the name might
have another origin. Then these groups were moving to the Scottish region where,
its highlands, emerged the race of Highlands Collie, and this gave rise in the
area between Scotland and England, the Border Collie, “Useful Dog border.” BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT:
Tenacious, great docility worker. Astute, alert, obedient and intelligent. neither nervous
The skull and muzzle are approximately the same length.
The body is slightly longer than the height at the withers. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Well proportioned; the
silhouette is harmonious showing quality, grace and perfect balance, combined
enough to give the impression substance resistance. Nose: Black, except in Color copies
brown (chocolate) in whom the nose can be brown.
Muzzle tapering to nose, moderately short and strong. Jaws and teeth: Teeth and jaws
strong with perfect, regular bite scissors.
Cheeks: Not full or rounded. Eyes: Should be well separated, take the form
oval and be of moderate size. Its color It should be brown, except
specimens “merle”, in which one or both, or part of one or both may be blue. Ears: Medium size and texture, set
well separated. NECK: Good length, strong and muscular,
slightly arched and broadening toward insertion on the back. Loins: Deep and muscular but not tucked up.
Chest: Deep and fairly broad, ribs well sprung.
TAIL: Moderately long, the last vertebra You are reaching at least to the joint
Hock; Low insertion, stocked hair, forming a curving ends
above. MANTLE
Hair: There are two varieties: Moderately long or short.
In both, the outer layer is dense and has medium texture; the inner layer is soft
and dense, which gives good protection inclement weather. In dogs that have fur moderately
long hair abundant manes, fringe and tail brush.
Color: All color varieties are admitted. The white should never prevail. Size and weight:
Ideal height: Dogs: 53 cm. Females: slightly less. Weight: Male: 14 to 20 kg, female: 12 to 19 kg. CARE AND HEALTH. Border Collies are the grazing animals,
so they need large doses of exercise, especially if you live in an apartment.
Generally, one or two weekly brushings and a bath every month or month and a half will suffice
to keep our clean dog. The Border Collie may be susceptible
certain diseases. Although not shown in all dogs, yes we have
special attention to the first symptoms: Eyes: This race has ocular abnormalities
which generally begin to hinder Night view and ending in blindness.
Nose: nasal solar dermatitis is very common in the Border Collie, losing color in
nose area. Lifespan: 13-16 years. FEEDING.
The Border Collie is a breed of dog with stomach a little delicate. His stomach
It is quite sensitive and it is common to suffer vomiting and discomfort, so, once you have
I found think and feel like him While your dog, try not to change it.
Border Collie feed should be rich high quality protein to promote
the correct balance of your intestinal flora. Finally, I thank you very much for having
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