Board and Train, Puddin’ Puppy, Poodle, Day 14: Recall Hunting Poodle

We’re here at Lake Nottley Dam and we are going to be doing some off leash recall Music Music Come Place Follow Heel and Sit Place Follow Come Wait Puddin’ Come Wait (with hand signal) Puddin’ Come Wait (with hand signal no verbal) Puddin’ Come Let’s Go Play Go Play (release command go be a dog) placed her in a sit and wait Puddin’ Come okay she’s going down into the woods Puddin’ Come Okay and there she is. Good girl Puddin’ I wanted you to see what happens when Puddin’ disappears into a sea of green forests. I kept her in her
release command go play for an extended period of time
I didn’t recall her at any point when she was giving me all kinds of cues
prior to her heading over the embankment into the forest. Once she went over the
embankment I could not see her at all because the vegetation was taller than
her. Note that I called come three times this is so I could let you know as the
viewer that each time I called come I was dialing up one level on the remote
Puddin’ is pretty consistent at working on the medium level button on her sport
dog 825 X on number two I had to dial up to three then four then
five before her head popped out of the forest and I could get a visual on her
sorry for her eyes looking red it’s from the auto flash that was on when I
videoed (We are in downtown Blue Ridge, GA) Distraction Training + Loose Leash Walking Heel and Sit (change of direction) Street Manners (Heel and Sit)

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