“Black Panther’s” Lupita Nyong’o Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

– Is either of them
gonna pee on me are they? Don’t pee on me. Don’t do it. No, No, No. (light playful guitar music) whoa. Come back. Oh, ooh, oh. Ha ha ha. Oh. Okay. (laughs) I’m excited for them to see Wakanda. African people who are
self determining women living in their power. Don’t go, please. Aww, Come back. What a time for Black Panther to come out. It’s Fly. It’s bringing people together, people are gonna go see it together. Hopefully dress up when they do it. This is a part of black history. There. Now where you gonna go? Oh God. Okay. (shuffling) Eww This movie is full of
incredibly talented actors and we have legends like Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett. And then we have newcomers like, Letitia Wright, and Daniel Kaluuya. And they’re bad asses. And we have big meals together. We went to this African
restaurant more than once and we just took it over. We enjoyed spending time
together, on and off set. (light playful bell music)
What’s going on? What? (laughs) Ooh, we had like a six week boot camp and we’d have like a group
session with all the Dora Milaje and then we’d break off and
learn our individual skills. It was really tough of the
body and also really cool because the more I exerted physically, the more I felt like I was getting into the Nakia zone of it all. I lost one puppy. I bet she’s the only one that likes me. (laughs) My skin care routine. Well I’m a low maintenance kind of person. Stay hydrated and then I
use a light moisturizer. Lancome day cream that’s
known as Energie De Vie. I try and not wear makeup
when I don’t need it. And then I am very religious
about taking my makeup off. Avocado oil to take off my
makeup because it’s gentle. What?
(laughs) Okay, what do I have here? I’d love to play a villain at some point. Byes. Bye. Bye, bye bye. Oh, now you’re back. Now you’re back? Now you’re back? (shuffling) Oh, oh, oh, oh what’s going on? What’s going on? Oh, oh. (shuffling) Okay, who’s gonna win? And then now you want to get in the mix? Alright come on. Who’s got it? Who’ got it? Aww, they’re so cute. (light playful bell music) (swooshing) (creaky hinge) (light playful bell music)

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