Black Mambas 02, Mamba vs Humans

The fangs of the Black Mambas are most forward
located in the mouth of any venomous snake. Meaning, all they have to do is scratch their
victim to get the venom in effectively. The Mamba’s methods of getting venom into a victim
is the most effective in any snake. There are several types of snake venoms, that
are usually categorized into two main types. One of them is neurotoxic venom and that is the venom
of most Elapids, like Coral Snakes, Kraits, Cobras and Mambas. Neurotoxic venom actually stops the impulse form your nerves system, colocation it’s called. And what it does is, it stops the transmission
and the victim usually dies from reparatory failure. Because the victim’s diaphragm can no longer expand and contract… … to enable breathing and the victim dies of suffocation. One of the treatments for a Mamba bite, is placing the
person in a respirator, also called an iron lung. The respirator equalizes the pressure and allows the diaphragm to
expand and contract, so the person can breath.

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