Bizarre Discoveries No One Ever Expected

– [Narrator] Most of us love
to discover something new. The people in this video though, are probably eternally
afraid of new discoveries, because sometimes they
can be really disturbing. Don’t believe me? Buckle up, as you’re
about to go on a journey to find out the 10 most
disturbing discoveries that no one ever expected. (playful music) – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10, The
Walls Have Forked Tongues. The home buying process is
horrifying and stressful enough, but imagine buying your
first home only to find out that the walls were
infested – with snakes! That’s exactly what Amber
Sessions and her husband Ben from Rexburg, Idaho found
upon moving into their home in the Fall of 2009. The two purchased a two-acre
home for only $180,000, and they thought they found
the bargain of a lifetime. But upon signing the contract, they had no idea why it was so cheap. After three months of
living in a nightmare, and killing up to 42 snakes per day, they had to take their
family to a safer space. The couple abandoned the property after not even being
able to drink the water without a foul taste seeping within because of the infestation. After researching further, the couple found that
their house was built on top of a non-poisonous snake den, harboring hundreds to
thousands of garter snakes where they use the den to congregate during the colder months. Number nine, Burglar horror stories. I can imagine few things as
disturbing as being burgled. Well, truth here is stranger than fiction. In one instance in Armstrong
County, Pennsylvania, an unknown person ventured
inside a 40-year-old woman’s home just to horrify the owner, like something out of a horror movie. The person wrote “I WAS HERE”
on the first-floor shower wall in permanent marker, then fled. Authorities don’t know who did it and the motive is still unknown. If you thought that was disturbing, then buckle up to hear about what happened to the model Amber Rose. One morning in May of
2017 she woke up early in the morning only to realize that her kitchen window was broken. After checking her surveillance footage, she discovered that a
man had entered her house and also saw him leave hours later. That man reportedly hid in her house for over four hours before leaving. What’s especially disturbing
is that nothing was stolen from her house. Why would someone want to
enter the house like that? I don’t know, but I’d
straight away buy a gun and a German Shepherd. Number eight, Post-it note Mystery. Two years ago Reddit user
RBradbury1920 posted a story that could have come straight
out of a thriller novel. He detailed about how he kept finding random, mysterious post-it
notes with messages on them, stuck around his apartment, and asked fellow redditors for advice, Asking whether he should
contact the police. Luckily, internet users
put their brains together, but what they discovered was
something more disturbing than a crazed intruder posting notes all around his apartment. User Kakkerlak detailed that
the most likely explanation was that he was writing the messages and sticking up the notes himself. The user suggested the problem was due to a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide deprives
cells in the body and brain of oxygen, causing memory
loss and headaches. Long periods of exposure
to high concentrations of the gas can even cause
permanent organ and brain damage, possibly leading to death. Luckily, Bradbury took
Kakkerlak’s advise seriously and tested his apartment
for carbon monoxide, and the theory was confirmed. The apartment had been
flooded with dangerous levels of the odorless gas because
it was directly above in-built parking spaces. He was being poisoned by the gas, which was causing sporadic lapses in his memory about writing the notes, so he had to move out. It’s likely Kakkerlak
saved Bradbury’s life, since Bradbury noted that it
caused his brain to swell, and took him over a year to recover. And that’s why I love the internet. It’s amazing sometimes when a
specifically qualified person appears to provide detailed and
specific expert information. Number seven, Creepy Oozing Walls. If there was a battle of creepy houses, this one would certainly be on the list. Debbie Hill purchased a house in Colorado only to find that there was
some sort of leak coming from her foundations. However, the inspection that was performed after buying the house
didn’t see any issue with the foundations. After calling in a professional, they both found that the leak wasn’t your standard water leak. It was something thicker
and oozing from the walls. More than 60,000 bees were estimated to be coming from under the area, causing honey to slowly trek its way down the walls and
foundations of the home, and the hot summer
temperatures were to blame. So why didn’t the inspector catch this during the home buying process? Apparently real estate
inspectors aren’t prepared or groomed for checking for honey leaks. Thankfully, Debbie Hill
wasn’t allergic to bees, and had a more than calm demeanor upon finding out what else
was living in her home! Number six, A Familiar
presence in a New Home. Who doesn’t love getting a good deal in a foreclosure auction? Apparently this one was too good of a deal for one Spanish man, but a visit to the home proved otherwise. Upon arriving at the home, the man found a woman on the
couch in the living room. The first questions to run
through someone’s mind would be, “doesn’t she have family
wondering where she is?”. But the lady wasn’t alive; it was a mummy. According to a neighbor, it’s not uncommon for this to happen, as people mind their own business in housing developments in the area. The 50-year-old woman
was the previous owner of the home and was
estranged from her children. When the house was put on
the market for foreclosure, it was inspected, and since
there are many travelers in the area, the lack of movement from the house went unnoticed. Number five, Literally finding yourself. Imagine waking up, having
a daily routine down, only to find out that it’s not you or your not-so-normal routine after all? Finding a disturbing
discovery within yourself may take the cake, and
Larry Bader is the one who baked that pastry! In 1957, Larry Bader, a cookware salesman, decided that he wanted to
rent a boat and go fishing. Just a day later, it was discovered that the boat had no one
on it and was abandoned after a storm. Bader had left behind a pregnant
wife and three children. It was only a few days later when John “Fritz” Johnson
had been first seen at a bar in Omaha, over 800 miles away. He was quite popular,
and became a bartender, only to go onto bigger and better things like a TV sports director,
radio announcer, and more. With an extremely flamboyant personality, it wasn’t unexpected that he
became a famous personality. How do these two connect? Simple: John “Fritz” Johnson attended an archery tournament
in Chicago 8 years later and was spotted by Larry
Bader’s acquaintance. Larry Bader’s niece was
also at the tournament, and approached the man,
asking if he was her uncle who disappeared quite some time ago. After laughing it off,
they were eventually able to grab his fingerprints
and by comparing them with Bader’s military records, confirmed that John “Fritz”
Johnson was indeed Larry Bader. Johnson had an entirely
new life with a new wife. A team of psychiatrists
examined Bader for ten days. Their conclusion was that
Johnson had no recollection of his former life. Some claim it was amnesia,
while others say it was to run from his $20,000 in debt. Do you think this was a serious
case of after-storm amnesia? Or simply a man running from the law? We may never know, because
nobody has been able to find out since he passed away. Number four, Secret Places Found At Home. I’ve talked a lot about
disturbing findings in new homes, but what about a massive underground city boasting intricate systems of tunnels that attach to multiple rooms? Would you be excited that you
paid a little money for a lot? Or more creeped out about
what’s lurking underneath? In 1963, a man bought a home
in the Nevsehir Province of Turkey when he decided to renovate and knock down a wall. Little did he know, he was going to get a lot more space than he bargained for. The city he found under his home was found to be the ancient Derinkuyu city, which was formed in the Byzantine era. It housed up to 20,000 people, as well as livestock during
the Arab-Byzantine wars, and after when it was
taken over by the Ottomans. The ancient, multi-level city
wasn’t abandoned until 1923. This isn’t the only creepy secret area that was found in a house though. A family bought a house in
Greenville, South Carolina in 2005 only to discover a
creepy room behind a wall. In the room was a note exclaiming, “You found it! Hello. “If you’re reading this, then
you found the secret room. “I owned this house for a short while “and it was discovered to
have a serious mold problem. “One that actually made
my children very sick “to the point that we had to move out.” The couple were shocked to not only find the note and the room, but the reasoning behind
the previous owners leaving. Of course, this started
a slew of legal issues that the Browns had to deal with, and they eventually moved out of the home to go back to renting
until they found something completely safe for their family. Number three, Nature
V. Man-Made Tragedies. This next disturbing
discovery is a tad gruesome and shows a state of
sadness between humans and how we treat mother Earth. Adam Turnball made an oddball discovery when fishing in Medicine
Hat, Alberta in late 2017. Upon reeling in a fish, he
found that a piece of plastic from a Powerade bottle had
almost split a live fish in two, and it was still living! At first, Turnball thought
that the fish was attacked by another fish, but found
that the fish had slipped through a piece of wrapper
and couldn’t get off. It goes to show that we should
be a little more careful with what we use and put in a trash can. Number two, Disturbing Doll Discovery. Alabama swamps are
typically seen as spooky partly thanks to decades of horror movies, but there may be some truth behind those once-false myths. Bear Creek Swamp was found to have harbored 21 porcelain dolls that were placed on bamboo stakes, with a decent amount missing their heads. They weren’t just any dolls, though, as the markings and styles
of the dolls were antique, and some had their faces
painted white like ghosts. While they were thought to
be a prank of some sort, the spooky placement and
reasoning was never found. Number one, Mysterious Desert Lake. Imagine how bizarre it would be to find a lake randomly
popping up in the middle of the desert. This is exactly what happened when locals discovered
a large lake appearing in the Tunisian desert. It’s so strange, it
would be disconcerting, but it gets weirder. The lake turned from
one color of turquoise to a slightly murky green. Some geologists think it’s possible that seismic activity
triggered a rock movement that ruptured the water table, causing liquid to flow to the surface. The change in color and
consistency likely occurred as water wasn’t replenished. The algae and traffic to the new lake, commonly known as Lac de Gafsa, may have further caused
the murky appearance. While there were warnings sent out from officials stating that the water may
possibly be contaminated with radioactive residue or
cancer-causing chemicals, locals mostly ignored and
enjoyed their new splash pad in the scorching hot desert. It’s quite disturbing to think that people are willing
to swim in a lake filled with a mysterious,
potentially dangerous liquid. Think you’ve ever discovered
something much more horrifying? Tell me your disturbing discoveries in the comments below! Thanks for watching. (playful music)

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