Big Rottweiler Dog Doing Tricks Sitting On Rock At Park – CUTE! Happy Cappy

Wait. Back. Back. Sit. *finger snap* Sit. Stay. Awe that’s cute. Wait. Cappy sit. Wait. Stay. Cappy wave. Come on. Wave. Good boy. Other paw. Good boy. Cappy wave. Come on. Wave. Good boy. *laughter* Let’s see if he can catch from there. He’s a good boy. Wait, let’s see if I have anymore… Cappy on the rock. Up! Hop up. Sit Sit. Captain sit. Stay. I’ll get far away watch. Look how far away I am. Do you think he’s gonna catch it? Ready. Cap watch me. *crunch* Nice catch! Good boy. Give me five. Thanks mom. What a good boy. Good boy. He’s too cute. Too cute man. You’re a good boy Captain. Oh yeah that was great man. Who’s the Happy Cappy bubba shoes.

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