Best Kind – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

The term best kind can be used in a number of ways that can describe satisfaction in something. You know, something is the best kind. You might be given something that is very special, you open it up and you say oh that’s the best kind, thank you very much. You might be asked “how are you doing?” you know, just simply a state of being, and well you’re the best kind – you know, you haven’t felt better in years. You could be having a beautiful meal. You sit back, and you’re very satisfied, you’re so completely full. That’s been the best meal you’ve had a long time, that was the best kind of meal. But then Newfoundlanders also take a phrase and turn it on its head, and of course, after that meal you’ve got to do the dishes because the kitchen is in the best kind of a mess.

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