Beneful Dog Food Review

Beneful dog food review Purina Beneful grain free chicken pumpkin blueberry spinach dog food dry dog food kibble AlaskaGranny Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy Alaska Sammy is having a very good
morning he had a fun walk he got a little bit brushed and now he’s ready to
try a brand new dog food for breakfast I recently bought my dog him a bag of Purina Beneful dog
food I thought the grain free dog food with chicken pumpkins spinach and blueberries sounded good and
I thought the commercial was adorable so I’m sure that advertisers for Purina Beneful grain free dry dog food
are glad of that success Purina Beneful grain free dry dog food is by Purina it’s a complete and balanced
nutrition for adult dogs Beneful is grain free no wheat no corn no gluten
Beneful is made of farm raised chicken the number one ingredient is chicken accented with
blueberries pumpkin and spinach to me as a person that sounds delicious but I
don’t know if my dog will think so too Beneful dog food is supposed to have a great
taste and a simple recipe there’s no corn wheat or gluten you have to look
under the folded corner to get the full nutritional analysis and to see what the
ingredients are Purina Beneful is made in the USA the Purina promise is made to
the highest standards for quality safety and a never-ending pursuit of
breakthrough nutrition for dogs always look for the sell by date on packages of dog food to make sure you’re
buying food that is fresh Purina Beneful stands by their product because
they have a great taste guarantee if your dog doesn’t like it you can get
your money back I’m counting on my dog liking it tear open the bag and you can
see that it’s foil lined and Beneful grain free dog food has some different shapes Brown nuggets it looks
to me like the Beneful comes in four shapes approximately the same color but
not exactly I suppose one of them is the chicken one is the pumpkin one is the
blueberry and one is this spinach my dog AlaskaSammy can be fussy but he’s hungry he checked
the 4 shapes of Beneful dog food all over and the bag hmm come back over here here look it’s a Beneful look
at the Beneful dog food you want one here try you like that
here try this one Sammy no won’t eat that piece Sammy try this one well it wasn’t sure at first if he was
going to like each different flavor and little shape of Beneful dog food but look at that he cleaned
the food up he’s looking for more I would say Purina Beneful grain free chicken pumpkin blueberry spinach dog food is a success please subscribe to
the AlaskaSammy channel

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