Welcome to dog health vet channel. Dog health vet channel provides valuable information
and suggestions regarding dog health related problems to help dog owners. what are the benefits of spaying a dog or
puppy? Spaying a dog or puppy has several benefits. Among those the first one is spaying a dog
can avoid the heat period of a female dog. Heat periods are with bloody discharge from
the genital of a female dog. During the heat period a female dog try to
get the attention of male dogs. Most of the female dogs in heat show aggressive
behavior like barking loudly and are irritable in nature. Frequent urination is another symptom and
this also mess up your home. A female dog in heat period has an unpleasant
smell. The female dog in heat period has the tendency
to roaming around outside the home. The heat period of a female dog may attract
other male dogs around your house. There is a chance of getting accidental pregnancies
and unwanted puppies.The bloody discharge during heat period can mess up the carpets
and home. Inorder to avoid the mess up you may need
to use sanitary pads for your dog. You have to Spend money on sanitary pads while
a female dog is in heat period. Do you want heat periods for your female dog? If you do not want this type of mess up in
your home, it is better to spay your female dog. Another advantage is Spaying could avoid a
condition known as false pregnancy. False pregnancy is also known as pseudo pregnancy. In this condition ,after the heat period a
nonpregnant female dog may act like it is pregnant. As a result, the female dog shows some behavioral
changes. This female dog will show mothering behavior
like nesting and self nursing. During this period this female dog will be
restless. This dog may show other symptoms like vomiting,
depression and not eating or will eat a little bit. Mammary glands will show slight enlargement
and will produce brownish or watery discharge to mimic real pregnancy. This condition is probably due to the hormonal
imbalance of progesterone and prolactin. These symptoms may last up to one or two months
after last heat period. This condition may be a stressful situation
to the owner too. Spaying a female dog can avoid this situation. Third reason to spay a dog is to reduce the
chances of getting mammary tumors. Mammary tumors are a type of cancer that can
get to an unspayed female dog. Some of the breeds are more prone to this
condition than other breeds of dogs. It is usually seen in miniature poodles, cocker
spaniels, English setters, pointers, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, German shepherd, Brittanys
and English springer spaniel. Mammary tumors are less common in dogs under
the age of 5 years. But can occur between the ages of 1 to 15
years. Spay before the first heat will eliminate
the risk. Next pros to spay a dog is to minimise the
chance of getting pyometra. Pyometra is the infection of the uterus of
a female dog. This is a serious and life threatening disease
condition that needs to be treated by a veterinarian. Pyometra is due to progesterone hormone imbalance. Two types of pyometra are there, one is open
and the other is closed. The symptom of open pyometra is pus discharge
from the vulva of a recently heat female dog. In closed pyometra the symptoms are not obvious. Closed pyometra is more serious than open
pyometra. Spaying a female dog can also avoid the situation
of over crowded puppies that may be abandoned in the streets. Spaying can avoid the situation of stray dogs
wandering in the street. These dogs may have ended up in shelters. Sometimes the stray dogs can attack people
and children. So spaying a female dog is good to keep the
communities safe. Other benefits of spaying a female dog are
the following Spaying can make a female dog more calmer,
comfortable and friendly. Reduce the risk of reproductive health problems
Reduces the chances of accidental pregnancies. There is less chance of getting ovarian and
uterine tumors. This is because both the ovaries and uterus
are removed during spaying a female dog. The ovarian and uterine cancers are not so
common in dogs. But can get in some older dogs. This is part three of a video series that
discuss all about the truth behind spaying a female dog or puppy. Watch other parts of this series to get more
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  • Do you have any specific questions or comment? Please leave that below. Your questions or comments will be answered by Dr.Sudheendra.

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