Benedict Cumberbatch Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

hi i’m benedict cumberbatch I’m here at BuzzFeed and I’m here to play with puppies and to answer your questions I’m excited I’m sizing me the pups bring in the pups what’s what what is depression what’s the best and worst thing about playing dr. strange um the best thing is yeah you eat that question eat it up yeah yeah there’s a lot of best things about it best thing is probably having a cloak that means I can fly which means I get to do violet which when it’s done right and not for too long in a harness is incredibly good fun some of the stunts are really good fun to do the training and all of that I really enjoy it it’s a big workout the worst thing is I don’t know it’s a really gifted gig I’m very lucky I’m too known about something what would it be maybe maybe the cloak again the cloak is quite cumbersome no pun intended and oh yeah it can be quite a sort of awkward thing to work with cookie jar no I’m joking it’s just questions I’m so sorry do you still know how to play the violin if so which I do I still know I never knew how to play the violin next question it was all fakery and really embarrassing you know this is something that takes years of practice from the age of three and then I’m supposed to sort of turn it round in a couple of months before doing a bit of Sherlock not good my friends I could tend to be a lot of things with some degree of authenticity but that is something well me if there was a season five of Sherlock what would you want to happen to your character next question who’s the first real friend you made in Hollywood and do two still speak I don’t know I mean yes we still speak first time I went to Hollywood I did Star Trek and I don’t speak to them nearly I’m in Zoe I see more of obviously because of the Marvel thing but it crisp like the door and Minoo and Zachary as well yeah it was it was it was a it is a great family was a great family to be pass over for a little while there and dubbing Anton as well I wish I could still speak to very sad don’t eat my questions before I’ve read them it’s like having naked flames in there this is wonderful how hard was it to jump back into your normal life after playing were like Patrick Mraz a good question difficult I abstract him myself from my normal life for a little while especially when I went to the dark zone of became that heroin abuse and trashing hotel rooms in the New York episode just didn’t really want to go home with any of that swelling around my brain and body I mean not literally but just psychically and well I’m physically because you just have to pretend and put yourself down it just you need some space but most of the time I switch on and off pretty easily which app on your phone do you use the most Probab ways hey go easy you may be bigger but that’s not playing fair stop it stop it no no no no no no no no no no if you could do a film adaptation of any TV show you loved as a child what was it which one would it be why did I want to do films of something that worked well in its time is the TV series I mean take anyone that happens a lot but I’m that that’s not really that’s not my gig I don’t know too fond of that stuff are you ever going to join Instagram or Twitter didn’t either no absolutely not who are your all-time favorite musicians which present artists are you listening to nowadays I have an all-time favorite I mean bowing the stones Ramones Sex Pistols clash Oh Pink Floyd what a menacing certain like a well elbows in your arm it’s great moon shaped pool gets a lot of playing Radiohead’s and I love Tom’s new album as well it’s a very good film he did with Paul Thomas Anderson things are serious what is your relative choose main booth describe a puffy take over this is a perfect day isn’t it getting my ear licked by puppy yes pretty perfect this is great but I mean the rest of perfect with me would be private so I won’t describe it and work wise though a perfect day is I don’t know I love my job pretty much every day is a good one Perley days one I’ve had eight hours sleep that’s a perfect day what are some of you’ve all pet peeves so grouchy with all these questions I don’t know people leaning on the horn thinking it’s gonna make traffic move faster people be trapped in that bubble you know people being trapped in the bubble full-stop live off phone usage negative impact of summer social media I mean I could go on I’m an old fogy now 43 sufficiently good question I really could go on siwell dirty-tricks demagoguery fake news everyone’s a critic and angry but they don’t necessarily have any kind of new ones they just want to shoot the messenger sometimes not a message the fact that we’re in a crisis people a climate crisis these little puppy dogs save the puppies if not yourselves stop using single-use plastic try and stop taking carbon fuels out of the ground please leave the fossil fuels alone for these puppies it’s a dangerous question to give me yeah can I another pet pet burning rainforests what the fuck is wrong with the world what was it like babysitting Tom Holland during rooms see you pressed it was difficult like I said I had to teach kid how to shave how to brush his teeth the fact he had to do it both day and night you know personal hygiene is a bit of an issue with teenagers and Tom’s no exception to that rule so you know I can forget the rooms I could get out you know that kind of it was it was tricky but you know he’s analysis he’s a gentleman brilliant wise beyond his years tolerant than me and a dear friend I loved working with him bring on the next project goodbye thanks so much I’m Benedict Cumberbatch what’s my movie let’s call the current wall it’s not mine amongst other people – that’s pretty good North Shore Animal League America Thank You puppies and thank you for looking after them [Music]

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