Beloved Rottweiler Disappears Without A Trace – Then He Nervously Answers A Call From The Vet

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– Then He Nervously Answers A Call From The Vet On April 7, 2007, Joshua Edwards’ beloved
Rottweiler, Duke, vanished from his home in Coconut Grove, Florida. The dog wasn’t even a year old. Joshua was beyond distressed and did everything
in his power to find Duke. But the more time passed, the more disheartened
Joshua became. He figured he’d never see his beloved dog
again. A dog owner’s biggest fear is losing their
beloved friend. But unfortunately, it can happen. Joshua Edwards’ wonderful Rottweiler, Duke,
wasn’t even a year old when the unthinkable happened. Duke disappeared from his backyard and never
returned. Joshua had more or less given up hope of ever
seeing his dear dog again. But eight years after the disappearance, he
got a call… It was from a veterinary clinic that — miraculously
— had managed to trace Duke back to him. A woman had seen a dog Rottweiler walking
alone along a street. She did the only right thing and contacted
a veterinarian, who in turn traced the dog’s microchip to Joshua. Joshua didn’t think it could possibly be
true after so much time. And he certainly didn’t want to raise any
false hope. So when he went to the vet to see if the dog
was really Duke, Joshua was obviously nervous. When the door opened, he held his breath. When the Rottweiler in question stepped through
the door, it definitely was Duke! Joshua was overcome with emotion. And Duke instantly recognized his owner again
after eight years away. “I think he knew who I was right away. I never thought I would see him again,”
Joshua told the Miami Herald. The veterinarian who connected Joshua and
Duke says that the clinic has had similar cases before, but they occurred after a few
days or weeks. Eight years is unprecedented. But thanks to the microchip, it was possible. “This just proves the system works,” the
veterinarian told the newspaper. Where Duke has been all these years, we’ll
probably never know. But the fact that he’s finally back warms
my heart. “I wish he could talk and tell us what happened,”
Joshua said. At the same time, Joshua points out that in
any case, someone has taken good care of him all those years. Duke was in very good condition when he returned. Stories like this always make me so happy. It’s amazing to see the love that exists
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6 thoughts on “Beloved Rottweiler Disappears Without A Trace – Then He Nervously Answers A Call From The Vet

  • I THINK THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE STORY. BECAUSE I HAVE OVER 25 YEAR'S EXPERIENCE WITH ROTTIES..AND my DOGS were all ways by my side but one two occasions I left my dog with friends but my dog wasn't having it.. So he escaped and ended BEING found at the old house almost 2 miles away thru the city and two major roads.on two occasions…lol

  • 8 years and in great shape? someone out there is really missing what they think is their dog and they've had him for 8 years. he probably lived very close to where the woman found him.

  • Something ain't right why is the cat sitting down on that chair and he was well taken care of. I'm thinking it was somebody he knew had him all of a sudden he returns????duke u have some explaining to do

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