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  • Bear is okayy so happy news, but dr Mike is looking thin, may be he got the right shirt size but he looks better in tight shirt for his theory of chest compression 😂😂

  • I know it's bad for a dog to have his head out of the window of a car even in summer but is the same true for having your arm out chilling in cool air too?

  • Gaaawwwdddd I want to steal this dog. I just want to watch TV while snuggled up to this fluff. don't think my ferrets would appreciate it though.

    Odd though, spaying and neutering ferrets (at least the way mills in the USA do it at such a young age) leads to adrenal disease. It is extremely common, even presenting before age 2.

  • I’m interested in hearing how/where you are getting Bear trained to be a service dog. I’m going to start training my puppy in April and want to know what it will be like.

  • I got my fog neutered as well, just because we could really see his behavior around other male dogs change when he was around 1. He was growling and barking at them from across the street and get really aggressive when up close, something he's never done before. We talked to the vet who sad it was probably him reaching sexual maturity and wanting to show off his "manliness" to other males and neutering him now would probably end this behavior before it gets habit for him. And yes it really worked! I mean yes sometimes we come along other dogs he growls at but generally speaking 95% of the time he just sniffs at them just like he did before. So we are very happy that we neutered him.
    Also the age thing. Rico is going steady to being almost 10 now and still comes around as a agile and playful dog so yeah…

  • Hey doc! U r so awesome I want u to make a video about how you become a doctor . I mean how much hard work did u do? Plzzzz……🙆😆

  • tbh I THINK you should neuter or spay your doh because the risk of impregnation? come on, everyone has a sex drive😂 and i think that it’s almost meaner to have a dog run around with too much testosterone instead of just getting rid of it😂
    oh well, carry on…

  • A saying that I've always heard around the barn and from vets is "if you're not going to breed them, why keep THEM." (as well as "It's a privilege, not a right- behave or they get chopped *and they later get chopped*) There are so many dogs (and cats and horses) in my area that aren't spayed or castrated and it wouldn't be so much of an issue outside of the fact that we constantly have missing animals posts on our FB page. Or posts about animals getting hit by cars and the drivers being blamed for killing a beloved member of the family. ANd this may sound weird but I've watched 5 horses get gelded and it's…weirdly interesting.

  • I have a 2 year old female Pomeranian and i’ve been wanting to spay her for some time. Im 21 and live at home so she’s not just my dog. My mom feels like it’s unnecessary to spay her as she has to be cut up etc. But i just feel like it will be better for her? When she’s in heat she’s not like herself, she dosent enjoy walks and she dosent want to eat. And we’re not allowed to breed her as she’s has patella on both her knees! So i feel like what’s the point in her becoming fertile and going through all that when she’s never going to have babies.

  • We have a 2 year old Rottweiler and we got him neutered early (the vet said this was fine but not reccomended) because he is lovely but he gets too excited and scared people when he’s jumping around and we live with my grandma and he kept knocking her down and hurting her. He still hurts people by accident but just stuff like putting his head up ur butt and like lifting you but he’s such a sweetheart he would never hurt a fly and he’s much better than he was

  • My dog had a surgery suit for his neuter he mauled it within three days, had to take an extra trip to the vet because of excessive licking… luckily everything healed fine.. he's much more calm and not so focused on the females.. It was a good descision.

  • i'm just so distracted, I cant listen to you Dr. Mike, I just keep on focusing on bear. I'm just so jealous, I wanna hug bear too

  • Hey Doc I'd like to ask about your opinion on something. There are many varying opinions on neutering as there are different pros and cons about it like you mentioned. Some people even demand people neuter their dogs to prevent them from recreating due to the amount of dogs on the street and in shelters. I've been attacked with that reasoning when I shared pictures of my lovely girl and her puppies on social media. My family is breeding a rare dog breed that originated from the netherlands but our dogs are our family and we just breed because our dogs and we have a great time with the puppies and we can help suitable families gain a new lovable member. I do know street dogs and shelter animals are an important issue, but we went for a specific breed for reasons and we breed with love and care and I don't think that's wrong. As someone who owns purebred dogs as well, what is your opinion on that controversy, also in combination with the neutering debate?
    Sorry for the long context, I hope I don't bother you with this. Love your videos

  • hey i need your help like my scalp has a lot of bumps even when i clean it with shampoo everyday and take a shower daily but it doesnt come off and it will just become a little then it will grow big again how can i remove those bumps on my scall

  • doesn't relate to the video but
    chest compressions chest compressions chest compressions


  • I absolutely believe that a neutered dog lives longer. Bruno, my St. Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog, lived to the ripe old age of 14. Usually the larger breeds have a lifespan of 8 – 10 years. In his entire life, the only time he saw the vet was for his puppy vaccines, rabies vaccines and his neutering. His diet was a not too expensive dry food with daily treats usually given in the morning while I had my coffee. I give those treats (and the occasional large bone) the credit for him having no dental problems at all in his life. When he passed, he had all of his teeth and they were still as white and as strong as they were in his youth. While I loved and adored Bruno, I never really considered him pampered. In fact, in those 14 years, the only baths he had were when he would lay in the creek to cool off during the hot months (we lived most of his life in the mountains), and it wasn't until we moved to a house in town (and he had to stay in a yard) that I had to start trimming his toe nails. So, as far as this dog lover is concerned, you just extended Bear's life along with all of the other benefits that come with neutering.

  • I'm offended i'm an electrical engineer here and for the sake of building the machine, we study pqrst waves. 😉 but not really offended just sayin

  • I have a question –
    What does having O- blood mean since I have O- blood, also what are the most rare types of blood, can you explain all about blood types really curious. You are the best want to be like you when older.

  • I like your stance on neutering. Definitely sound like a responsible dog owner 🙂 I do wish we'd have more endorsement towards dog vasectomy though. I hear dogs get more problems from neutering than it actually solves.

  • Doctor, what if you have a pediatric patient to have some check-ups and he escaped from hospital. What will you do?

  • Wow! We just had our 6 month old, almost 11.5 lbs schnoodle, Dougal neutered last Friday. He wasn't comfortable in a cone so he wore a baby onesie for a few days to keep him from licking, lol Get well soon Bear!

  • Just be sure that when you neuter you dont neuter too early! Vets are now recommending to wait a year in medium to large dogs so their joints arent impacted and they dont develop problems with them later in life.

  • Should I get my dogs neutered if I'm getting one male and female at the same time??? My mom is refusing to do so as it will take away their right and everything but I would stillike to know more abt it before making any decision

  • One important part about neutering or spaying is not to do it too early. If you neuter/ spay too early it cuts off the growth hormones so can affect the joints (specifically hips) in the future. Dogs joints generally stop growing at 12 months and the hip joints/ bones fully form and fuse together so it’s important to not neuter/ spay until after this. 😁

  • One important part about neutering or spaying is not to do it too early. If you neuter/ spay too early it cuts off the growth hormones so can affect the joints (specifically hips) in the future. Dogs joints generally stop growing at 12 months and the hip joints/ bones fully form and fuse together so it’s important to not neuter/ spay until after this. 😁

  • Question for Dr. Mike:
    Can you talk about raynauds syndrome and how to deal with it. Any answers would be super helpful to me!
    Thank you for your channel, I love it so much.

  • Would love a video dedicated to the process of getting Bear certified. I’m a therapist and am bringing home a Bernese pup in January. I plan to to train him and be certified as therapy dog, so I can bring him/her to work with me and support my patients.

  • I just have one question for Dr Mike: I’m not sure if ur classified to answer this, but does exercise make your periods lighter? Can it help with cramps, too?

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I've been enjoying watching your videos very much. ER was my favorite TV series, when I was a high school student. Would you please react to one of the episode? I think a lot of people can relate to it. Thanks!!

  • My dog has separation anxiety and the vet recommended neutering and then training afterwards. His surgery is next week but I am still having doubts, wondering if his separation anxiety could be fixed purely with training

  • Dr.Mike I am thinking of nudering my female dog due to there being multiple male dogs around my neighborhood is this a good idea?

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