Barking and lunging at other dogs – no more. Louise Stapleton & Archer’s story

– So before I did the course with Archer, life was pretty difficult at times. I had got to the point where, he’s a rescue dog so I’d
had him for some time. But I think I made a lot of
mistakes in the beginning and I just honestly thought you get a dog, you put him on a lead,
you take him for a walk, you let him off, whatever you wanna do. And the dog’s just gonna do
whatever your expectations are. My expectations were
that he could do all this without needing any training. So life with him had
become pretty fraught. He’d started ratting a little
bit to one or two of the dogs. I used to take him to the dog park and just let him socialise. I realised no, that really wasn’t helpful. And I’d become really quite
worried about taking him out because I just didn’t know
how he was gonna behave. And he was really quite very distracted and you know quite frantic
when I took him out sometimes. And I guess I was also quite nervous too because I didn’t
know what to expect from him. And so life was pretty
challenging and you know I’d started to think that
I’d taken on way more than I could handle and I
was feeling pretty flat. I think my worst day before
we did the training was I was out with Archer and
a little puppy walked past. And we’d been practising a bit of what I was trying to do before
in terms of impulse control and Archer sort of reacted to this puppy. Not in a bad way, but
just barking and lunging. And that just made me
feel terrible because I’m sure the owner of the
puppy was not happy either and I felt I was, that my dog
was totally out of control and this wasn’t the dog I wanted. And I felt really, really sad for him and sad for the you
know for the puppy too. So that was really a bleak day. When I first saw the course advertised I have to say I did not
have any hesitations at all because I was at a place
where I was really concerned about how I was gonna move
forward with Archer, my dog, and wasn’t sure how to move forward. And so for me it was
just the perfect timing and you know the fact that
it was online was great. The fact that there was gonna
be a community of people that we could all support
each other was great. So I had no hesitation at all. I think the training
that Tenille provides, the thing I like most about
that was actually that she does it with a sense of humour. You know I’m (laughing) I love humour and I think it’s really important and you know it can be
a really stressful time. And some of the video clips were great. You know she uses interesting props and for me that sort of lessened
the tension that was around the whole situation
that I felt we were in. And I also like the fact
instructions and the directions and you know the exercises
are actually really simple. It’s not rocket science. It’s really simple things
but I would never have come up with those myself
and it’s just been great. So since starting the course with Archer, and you know bear in mind the
course isn’t even finished yet things have changed so completely. You know I’ve put in the
work, done the training, followed the very simple
instructions that you’ve given. Now we can go for a walk without worrying about what’s gonna happen
because I know if we come across a scenario where he
becomes a bit distracted I’ve got the tools that I
need to get him back on track. And the good thing about
that, he actually listens. You know he’s really responded
well and he is much happier and I’m much happier so it’s
been a complete win-win. I have learned so much. Happy? Happy doesn’t go (mumbles) I’m ecstatic! I was at a point where I just thought I don’t know if I can do this. You know he’s a rescue dog. I made a lot of mistakes
early on, I realise that now. And I just didn’t know
what I was gonna do. And I feel so much more confident that I know what I need to do. And that it’s broken down
and that it’s simple. You know it’s not complicated. You’ve made it really simple. Yeah, I think it’s a great
idea because you know cost wise to have a trainer one-on-one
is really expensive. You know as much as we all love our dogs there’s a limit to how much we have to spend on them you know. I suppose you know on achieving
the results we’ve achieved with Archer it’s just a huge
sense of relief knowing that I’ve got the skills that I
require and also it’s I’m happy. You know it’s made for a much
happier relationship between him and I, a much closer relationship. He’s much more engaged. It’s a huge amount of joy
and you know that sense that you know we’re in this together
and that we can do this. I clearly remember one point where I was out walking with Archer
and we done a lot of training on you know focus and checking in. And we walked past another dog and I think for the first time ever instead of him checking out
what the other dog was doing he checked in with me
and that was like wow, this is a really simple thing
but it’s so significant. And in terms of the cost of the course I’ve just found it an
amazing value for me. Not only do you have
weekly training sessions, you have homework. You’ve got a group that you
can share experiences with and support each other. I think it’s an amazing way to do it. When I think the best day you know was being able to take Archer out to an area where there’s some
other dogs running around. Chasing balls, et cetera
and Archer was on the lead and he was way more focused
on what I was saying to him and what I was doing with him. He didn’t appear to care less what these other dogs were doing and that was just fantastic. (upbeat music)

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