Bandes podotactiles LABRADOR et bandes d’aide à l’orientation MILAN – Oré Peinture

LABRADOR Truncated domes – Tactile warning system LABRADOR adhesive interior tactile walking surface High tear strength High flexibility Fire classification Easy to apply standard colors Standard strip made of methacrylate resin High anti-slippery High tear strength In compliance with the French standard Easy to apply Standard color TACTILE WARNING STRIP 2 widths Interior guiding strips Easy to apply Great flexibility Fire-rated standard colors 2 layers Exterior guiding strips Good anti-slippery Good resistance to tearing thanks to fibers Ease to apply with MTA glue In accordance with french standard Standard colors set-up stairs pedestrian crossing quai (railway or seaside) crossroads Bus stop Exterior guiding rails sidewalk pedestrian crossing Call us at + 33 2 41 21 14 18

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