BackwardsTumbling Poodles Got Talents | Kritter Klub

Jjangpoong! A backwards-tumbling poodle It must’ve been a pop idol in previous life Not just one but the both can do it together! So cool! The energetic poodle brothers Owner: My poodles love to jump around so it’s a sign that they want to play with me Their legs must be attached to a spring LOL Bang bang! No stop it now The owner tries to stop them hobbling its leg? It was just an act of getting injured because it wanted to play LOL Owner: firing a gun Why are the dogs doing that? Well, one time Bobi almost got injured falling on his back while jumping Ever since then They started tumbling backwards Time to go out for a walk The superstar among the children Please show us his tumbling Show us his tumbling please He begins to grab attention Bobbi looks more excited Don’t I look like a b-boy? Totally! The owner went to the vet to see if he has any problem Muscular right? Wow looking good Their leg muscles are thick and their joints move smoothly 10 out of 10 Owner: I was worried if they had any problem with their joints or muscles I’m glad that they are born with healthy muscles I’m just going to let the dogs do what they want to do Bobo and Hani are super talented!

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