Back to the Future Part 3 (2/10) Movie CLIP – Moonwalk for Mad Dog (1990) HD

Hey, McFly!Thought I done told
you never to come in…Hey, you ain’t
Seamus McFly. You look like him,
though, especially
with that dog-ugly hat.[Laughing]You kin
to that hay barber?
What’s your name, dude? Uh, Mart… Eastwood. Clint Eastwood. [Laughs]
What kind of stupid
name is that? I’d say he’s the runt
of the litter.
Hey, now. Boys, would you take
a look-see at these
pearly whites! Hell, I ain’t seen teeth
that straight that
weren’t store-bought. Take a gander at them moccasins.
What kind of skins is them?What’s that writin’mean?
“Neekay,” what is that?Some sort of Injun talk
or somethin’?
[Laughing] Bartender, I’m lookin’ for that no-good,
cheatin’ blacksmith.
You seen him? No, sir, Mr. Tannen.
I have not. Tannen?
You’re Mad Dog Tannen.Mad Dog?
I hate that name.I hate it!
You hear?Nobody calls me
“Mad Dog”! Especially not some
duded-up, egg-suckin’
gutter trash! – [Gasps]
– Dance! – Aaghh!
– Come on!Come on, runt!– You can dance
better than that!
– [Men Laughing] [Marty Muttering
Rhythmically] [Continues Muttering] Shit! Whoo! Ooh. [Hammer Clicks] [Empty Chambers Clicking] [Gasping]
You better run,
squirrel. Aaah! Get ‘im!

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