Aubrey Plaza’s Dog Is Dutch Royalty

You got a new sport, though. It’s not as physical. That’s right. I, uh– yes, I am now– I’m on my way to the
Olympics, actually in the– Say that’s not true. –sport of curling. It is true. I joined the Curling
Academy of Pasadena. And I believe there is
video to prove it, right? That’s me. You can’t see my face. How do I know that’s you? It’s me, I swear. That’s my hat. Remember? The blue one. All right. So that’s– You watched it and
said, I want to do that. Oh. Oh, I guess it is hard then. Yeah, I’m really– It looks hard. This is actually the worst. There’s another video where I
actually do it really great, but maybe that one’s not it. Aren’t you supposed to
let go of that thing? Yeah, I am. Yeah, actually, I was
tricked into going to that, into the Curling Academy. My boyfriend was really
obsessed with curling, and they have a new
category of mixed doubles. And a lot of the couples were
actually couples in real life. So he like had it
in his mind that we should get really good at
curling and go to the Olympics. And it was really hard. Was everyone like new to it
like you and just curious or were people good? A lot of people had their
own brooms, which I was like, where do you get
a curling broom? I was going to ask
where you buy a broom. I don’t know. I don’t know. Does that slow it
down or speed it up? No, it speeds it up. It’s like you– no,
yeah, it speeds it up. You broom really fast
and hard, and then it– That’s how I broom,
fast and hard. Yeah, it speeds it up. It makes it go in the direction
that you want it to go. Right. So I practice– Uh-huh. –every night. Do you think you’ll do it again? No. No. I actually really,
honestly, liked it. I just was– I felt tricked
into it, but now I don’t know. I think we’ll get there,
just give us four years. But you said you’re
not going back. Oh, yeah, that’s what I meant. Yes, I’m never going back. OK. So let’s talk about your dogs,
because you have two dogs. And I saw pictures today. One is favored, because
here’s one shot. Look at that beautiful shot. Look at this next dog,
where you put him. No! Look. Why is that one in
a field of flowers? No. No, they’re both– I mean, look, the other
one’s in a time out. No, that’s Stevie. No, they’re both– I don’t
favor either of them. Wait. You don’t? Look. They’re both beautiful
and perfect in my heart. Frankie, I didn’t take
the picture of Frankie in front of the flowers. That was like
professionally done. I didn’t take that picture. Oh, so you got that one
professionally done. No! No. No. I took– I just– I don’t take good
pictures of dogs. I’m like– I took the picture
of Stevie literally for you, because I was just trying to– All right. So Stevie is the one that’s sad. Stevie’s not sad. Stevie’s not sad? No, Stevie’s famous. She was actually
on The Mentalist for years, a famous dog. So she’s– You got her from a set? No, she’s from a
junkyard in Bakersfield. But Frankie, I just
recently found out is– my friend Justine,
who’s a crazy dog lover, texted me in the middle of the
night and was like, oh, my god, I figured out what
breed Frankie is. She is a Nederlander
Kooikerhondje. And I know I’m
saying that right. How do you spell that? I– OK. K-O-O-K-I– I don’t know. Oh, she’s a Dutch royal dog. She’s a dog that was like
bred for Dutch Royalty in like the 18th
century or something. Where did you get her? She was from– they’re
both rescue dogs. Oh, they both were
in the junkyard? No. Stevie was from Bakersfield. And Frankie, well, I’m
convinced that she– that there was a
Dutch prince that was shopping on Rodeo Drive
and accidentally just lost her, and then she went in
to a construction site and was hiding. And then they found her there. So she actually
belongs in a castle. And Stevie– so
they’re very different. Wait. The prince was
shopping on Rodeo. Yes. With this dog. Yes. And the dog got away. Yes. As a puppy. As a puppy. A prince, a royal puppy. A royal puppy, found
in a construction site. Yes, Frankie was found
in a construction site in Beverly Hills. And then taken to
the Bill Foundation, which is where I rescued her. And they knew that
something was very– Royal? –royal about her. And so now we’ve
solved the puzzle. She is a royal dog
from the 18th century. Oh, from the– oh, she’s old. She’s very old. She’s a royal ghost dog. Right. She’s lived. So when the prince
is watching this show and sees his dog that
got away on Rodeo– Yes. –that prince is going to
come back for that dog. That’s right. Please, Dutch prince, find me. I live at– No! You don’t want to give
your dog away, do you? No, no, no, no. I just want her to
know that she’s royal so she understands why– Oh, she knows. Look at her face. So you think we’re
going to play a game. We’re not going to play a game. No! Yeah, we’re not. OK. Don’t do anything weird. We have the women’s hockey
team jersey up there. We have Drew Brees. Drew Brees has a
seat in the audience. This stage is named after me. And we have the Bubly Skybox. And so you see this
area right over there? Look, kind of,
yeah, where Andy is. Do you see that area? I’m terrified. Yeah. OK. That right there is where the
cameras are kept at night, and it’s basically the
most important part of the entire stage. Today– are you ready? No. Yes. That is now officially– [DRUM ROLL] –the Aubrey Plaza. Whoa. [CHEERING] More, more, more, more, more. Is that Bill Murray? What? I thought it was Bill Murray. Yeah, right. Excellent job with
the cymbals, guys. Really good. Good job. So that is the
Aubrey Plaza forever. And like I said, it’s really
the most important part of the stage. And forever more will be– I’ll sleep there. –the Aubrey Plaza. If you would like to
sleep there, you can. Please, let me. All right. Tonight. Please, every night. OK. Every night. OK. OK. I’ll see you there. All right. No, I’m not going to be there. OK.

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