When discussing which breed of dog has the jawbone
stronger, it is important to keep in mind that This is a rhetorical question that can not be
be answered in a definitive way. The strength of a dog’s bite will vary from
race to animal, and even circumstances circumstances. The bite force of a breed can not
be measured with some precision because you can not teach a dog to bite with enough
force. The bite will be different each time it is
measured, and each dog will have a slightly different. It is important to keep in mind that when
of bite of a race is discussed, she may be only generally. Trained dogs usually have a strength
of bite higher than the untrained. All these dogs that I’m going to list, are
classified by their bite force that is measured in pounds per square inch. Thinking about that I decided to separate a list
OF THE WORLD 10 DUTCH SHEPHERD As German Shepherds, these dogs are used for police and military investigations. With a bite force of 224 pounds, these
normally quiet dogs can be dangerous if provoked. They are intelligent, independent, protective
and loyal to their families. They are often used as dogs
because of these characteristics. 09 PIT BULL AMERICAN Pit Bulls are widely considered as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. It has a bite strength of 235 pounds. Despite its negative image,
of Pitbull witness the soft temperament of dogs. Keep in mind that your socialist nature
depends on the initial training. If it is not well trained, nothing can stop them
to reflect its aggressive nature. They are very athletic by body and
nature. They need exercise and training
regular basis. Sometimes, in boredom, they can become
destructive. They have a broad face with powerful jaw,
which is their main weapon. 08 GERMAN SHEPHERD German Shepherd is one of the domestic dogs most common in the world, in the United
German Shepherd is the second breed of dogs most popular. They were bred as a working dog
in Germany. They are very intelligent dogs, and many
Sometimes they are used in many roles in missions. of rescue by military personnel. They are very hard-working, easy to train
and very adaptable to a new place. They are also very kind to nature
and a lot of clown when around kids. With their intelligence and power, they
good protection dogs. German shepherds have strong
of bite of 238 pounds. 07 AMERICAN BULLDOG The American Bull Dogs are strong, powerful. They are well built with muscular body
and have a big head. They are great pets of the
family. They love their owner more than any
and they form a strong bond. with their owners. They are very confident and have a strong
305 pound bite strength. Your nature towards strangers
is mixed, everything depends on the training of the first days. They can be little destructive if left
alone, but in general they are very kind 06 AFRICAN WILD DOG This dog breed is a sub-Saharan native and is one of the largest dogs of this family
and are hyper carnivores. They are also called hunting dogs
painted because of the various dotted spots which he has for his body. Unfortunately, these dogs are in danger
due to poaching and loss of habitat. They are great hunters by nature. You can estimate your ability to kill
by the fact that they are one of the best predators in nature. They are great hunters especially
of medium-sized antelope and they do not take too long to kill him. How to live in the wild the years of evolution
made his jaw very strong. They obtained one of the largest
bite in medium-sized dogs with a bite strength 317 pounds. This bite force is sufficient for
break any bone at the time of hunting. 05 ROTTWEILER Rottweilers are very difficult dogs, they were designed to pull trolleys and to
protect. They were one of the first dogs the police
adopted. They are medium in size and with excellent
force. They are agile and have great resistance. They are also used in many missions
search and rescue by police and military personnel. This breed is a great combination of strength,
intelligence and resistance. They are fearless, good and well-behaved animals,
but can also react to danger very quickly. The reason they are used by the police
and other services is because they are powerful and confident. The bite force on an average Rottweiler
is 328 pounds. 04 WOLF DOG This hybrid of a gray wolf and a dog bites at the strength of 406 pounds. The gene pool makes your temperament
more unpredictable than other dogs, although can also be effectively trained. Some of them maintain their wolf tendencies,
like chewing objects and climbing fences. 03 MASTIFF ENGLISH Although dogs are usually warm and friendly, can rarely be dangerous. Many farmers around the world
that these dogs have the strongest jaws. They have a bite strength of 556 pounds. They weigh between 150 and 160 pounds. When socialized, they can be quiet
and well seasoned. However, they have a very strong bite
and can destroy their enemies. 02 DOBERMAN This breed varies from medium to large. Doberman is intelligent, strong and alert. This explains why they are
used as guard dogs. They are also very loyal to their owner. They are very adaptable and, if trained
properly, they will be gentle with children small. They are very muscular and have construction
athletic, which gives them an extra point. Doberman dogs are one of the strongest dogs
the world, and they also have speed and agility. Your jaw is very strong and that’s why
that they are also used by the police like guard dogs. The strength of a Doberman’s bite is about
of 600 pounds. 01 KANGAL Kangal are guard dogs originating in the town of Sivas, Turkey. They were used as a guard dog for
protect the sheep against large predators like Wolf, Coyotes and bears. They are known for their loyalty, protection
and for being kinder to small children. They may not behave in a friendly way
with strangers, but they are very good dogs and once socialized, they will be kind,
they are very strong and very intelligent. How they were bred to be the dogs
guardians, they have acquired a very protective. With the stiffness of a shield, they are strong
and can destroy any size predator medium. They have great strength and if we talk about
the bite force when they obtained the highest pressure per square inch. According to many surveys and tests on
they, Kangal have the most dog bite of the world. The strength of his bite is 743 pounds. Good, the video stays here, I hope
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