American Tries Foreign Snacks: Sullivan Spaniel

Hello it’s Sullivan Spaniel. I am here to become a famous youtube celebrity. Now, the best thing about being a YouTube celebrity is you don’t have to make up your own ideas! Nope, other people make up ideas and then you just go with them. One thing that’s really popular right now is Americans try foreign snacks. Yes and I’m going to try some foreign snacks with a foreign friend of mine this guy from…I don’t know where but here I tell ya this [loud groaning] man from another land I don’t know where are you from you from? [groaning] I…I don’t know where that’s from but I’m not really good with geography anyway you brought a whole bunch of foreign snacks for me to try, huh? [groaning] Ok, well let’s let’s get let’s get started here is the first one. This looks like somebody’s hand. I mean it’s it’s…it’s not attached to anything… …right… Um okay but you might like it but I, I think im just gonna pass on that one. Is that all right? I mean i don’t know i mean i don’t need to be culturally insensitive or anything but you know what maybe we’ll have better luck with something else okay okay so here comes the second the second snack, the second snack is… um yeah um so so that’s an ear. That was just just on somebody head and you decided it it looked too good to eat. Ok ok alright there so so, so an ear, though, huh? Um, well, I mean, to each of the whole c’est la vie! I’m not eating in here haha No, no no, not my I i I’ve attached my ears my ears are attached to me about okay maybe we try last thing you brought huh yeah okay. [DESSERT!] Um. A foot. [GOOD FOOT!] It doesn’t even look like a good for it looks like it’s been out for awhile and… [COOTCHIE COOTHCIE!!!] that’s really cute that’s not how I ok oh oh here oh my um so I mean okay It was really nice of you to show up and all but I mean I don’t need to be rude or nothin but um I’m gonna pass on your snacks is that ok? [Monster cries] I mean they look delicious and I mean… I think I think you have a more sophisticated palate than I do i think that’s it i think i think I’m just used to being back you know what sorry about [Monster cries uncontrollably] This is not going well at all. Hey, guess what? It’s almost Halloween! [Oh?] You know, do you like going trick or treating? Let’s go… What’s was your favorite was your favorite Halloween snack? [HAND!] Ok next time maybe we’ll try the bean boozled challenge or something anyway thanks for joining Sullivan and [groaning] for joining us and we’ll be back next time with something a little bit less amputated! Thanks for joining us! Yay! Bye bye!

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