– [Narrator] Dogumentary
TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (tribal music) – My name is Marcus Curtis
of Old World Molossus. (groovy music) Yeah, as of right now
we’ve been closely tracking the first litter. And, we’re shocked and amazed at, the litter is way above schedule. They’re much bigger than we anticipated. We thought they were
going to be really large, but not quite at this level. One of the puppies in
fact, Old World Euphrates, recently was recorded as the
largest puppy in the world. At nine months, 180 pounds. In fact, the entire litter,
they just turned 10 months, and the entire litter, the smallest one I think is probably in
the 170 to 172 range. So, they’re humongous. Today, we’re looking
at Old World Sasquatch. He’s the male of that litter. We’re really proud of him, and he himself is just about 180 at 10 months. The world’s biggest
puppy is just something that kind of found us. When we created, or actually
resurrected this breed, the goal was never, “We’re gonna produce the
biggest dog in the world.” That wasn’t the goal. The goal was just to bring
back that ancient dog. Now, keep in mind that dog was huge. It was a big dog. It had a really thick torso,
a massive square head. It was just a big dog. And, it had to be because
it had to contend with mountain lions, sometimes lions, bears. I mean, it had to be a huge dog. Multiple people attacking, it had to be able to contend with that. So, the goal was to produce a big dog, but just not at this scale. Like for instance, the average
Neopolitan Mastiff male is 150 pounds plus. This entire is litter is
almost 180 pounds at 10 months, including the females. So, they’re extremely huge. When you go off the growth
chart for Mastiff’s, which are known as the
biggest dogs in the world, they’re ahead of them. And, there’s been talk,
and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from
other breeders out there, people that are fascinated with them, and I’m thankful for that. The positive feedback. But, they said that,
perhaps it’s like the Liger. The tigers and the lions,
when they cross them they ended up being a
bigger, healthier specimen, but they got much larger. And, perhaps we could be seeing that. Or perhaps because of the
DNA that goes behind them, all the way back, the
infusion of those dogs have worked on that. I’m not sure, I cannot tell you honestly that that was the target, and I knew that because I didn’t. But, I knew they were going to be big. But, the world’s biggest
puppy it’s pretty crazy, they did research on it,
Dark Mountain Molossus, one of the breeders that
partnered up with us, he approached the Guinness Book Records and they documented it. They have nothing ever
on record of a puppy being that big at that age. But, what they did is,
they didn’t wanna actually record it in the Guinness
Book Of World Records because they said that
they thought it would stimulate a whole bunch of people trying to stuff their
dogs, and get ’em fat and unhealthy, and I totally respect that. Because, the last thing
I wanna do is promote something that would be unhealthy. So, we’re just keeping it as it is. It was documented, they
did an article on it, and we’re fascinated. I mean, I love the breed. I’m so happy with them. Just a blessing. (mellow music) To kind of explain this
whole thing is that, when doing research about
the Neopolitan Mastiffs that I’ve bred for 18 and a half years. I was in love with the breed. Put my heart and soul into ’em. And through, I’m an avid reader, and through doing research,
that’s how I found out about the ancient Molossus. It was around between
3,200 B.C. and 5,000 B.C. They were around a long time. There were statues of them in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. And, they show the whole thing, the torso, the head, the cropped ears. Everything about ’em. There’s a lot of studies that were done, writings, they were talking
about the temperament. And so, that kind of
got me into wanting to bring these dogs back. What’s interesting is
that, I don’t want to say that I created the breed, ‘cuz I didn’t. What actually happened is they existed. Alexander the Great, it’s written that he crossed them with a long haired white dog. And, there’s … The jury’s out on what
exact breed that was. There’s some ancient breeds right now in Afghanistan and
different areas in Europe that they believe are
descendants from that dog. But, that is ultimately what created the Old English Mastiff. And then, the Neopolitan
Mastiff came from the Molossus. They used the Molossus
and bred them with a smaller fighting dog. So, they had more tenacity,
more of an attack dog that would fight. And, they used them in the Colosseum. But, the DNA and the
genealogy path goes back to the Molossus, and you can
see their characteristics. You can see the temperament,
you can see the guardian attributes to them. Going back to that dog. So, the dog really didn’t
completely go extinct, so to speak, their DNA, their gene pool is still within those dogs. But, I was so excited
about it that I wanted to hand select the
correct dogs, that had the perfect temperament, the
type, put ’em back together and go back to that dog. It’s gonna take a lot of work,
but it’s a dream of mine. It’s a passion, and just like everybody who ever started any of the breeds, they had to start with a passion. They had to have a
purpose to why they were creating the dog. Whether it was hunting, whether
it was catching water nets, whether it was herding,
everybody had a vision in mind of what that purpose was. And, I just thought when
a dog was around for thousands of years, and their
main duty was to ward off, like a giant security person, so to speak. Not necessarily to
attack, but generally to ward people off. Protect, and protect not just their owner but the family, the village,
the property, other animals. There’s a real need for that nowadays. I mean, there’s a lot
of stuff that goes on. You don’t have to look at the news to see all the craziness that goes on. So, I wanted to bring that dog back, and for people to have
the comfort of a dog that loves them, very
loyal, wants to spend time with ’em, very
intimidating without having to get crazy to do it. At the same time, health. I mean, anytime you
introduce larger gene pools that helps bring an influx of health. If you use the right selection
of healthy specimens. So, there was a whole lot
of things that went into bringing this breed back. And, I understand they’re
not for everybody. It’s not a sales pitch to
try to push this on anybody, but the dog existed. It still was around through
genes of different dogs, and I’ve brought ’em all together, and brought ’em back
for a serious purpose. And, there’s nothing that’ll ever stop me. They’re here, I’m motivated. There’s a ton of people behind me. There’s four different … The ADF, the USBR, the UBBR, the ADF, they’re all behind us. And, we’re excited. (mellow music) We’ve been pleasantly surprised. You’d like to say that,
you want to hit a home run on every single puppy,
on every single litter, and that’s always not the case, when you’re being quite honest. But, this litter is exceptional. We’ve posted pictures
and video of all of them, and every single one of ’em is consistent. They have similar traits. As far as the aesthetics
of what we envisioned was a black brindle, just like the original ancient Molossus from Mesopotamia. We wanted ’em to have little to no white. We wanted to have a broad, thicker body, which they all have. We wanted to have a passive
temperament at home, around the family, but
a guardian temperament when it came to the home to their family, to other animals. We’ve tested them, we’ve
had different people come from different points of the property off leash, on leash just to kind of see how alert they are at a young age. We did some testing early on
at five weeks, eight weeks just to test their temperament
and their tolerance to noises, to different people and so far we’ve been really surprised. Obviously at 10 months
there’s still a lot to go, but we’re really, really excited about their development so far. (mellow music) All Mastiff breeds, both
in the Neopolitan Mastiff, Old English Mastiff, or Mastiff, generally after about 16 months, you can
go ahead and test their hips, and get ’em certified,
if you want to do that. We obviously are going
to test them as well, because we’re gonna be breeding ’em. And, that’s really important. The good thing is, is when
we’re selecting these dogs, we made sure that I knew my
line from multiple generations. And then, talking with
the breeders of the dogs that we brought in, used really
good sound stock as well. Really happy with that. The expectations moving forward is, to continually watch their development both on their temperament, their health, how they look. So far, they’re on point
as far as everything that we were expecting or hoping for from their body, and
from the look, the head. Basically from the type
that we envisioned. We’re gonna just continue to do that, and we’re gonna work on
this as a never ending evolution we’re doing. So, we’re gonna selectively take each one, including Sasquatch, and
find the right female to enhance what they have. And, anything that we see
that needs improvement, we’re gonna look for that. And then just try to
double up on everything. But, we’re really happy to have, it’s eight different
breeders now that have come aboard to work with us. We’re all gonna be
working together closely. And, we also registered with the four different registries now. They wanna see this breed progress, ‘cuz they’re recently resurrected. But, it’s a lot of momentum already. A lot of momentum. (mellow music)


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    These dogs are nothing like the ancient dogs. The old world dogs where not unbalanced, awkwardly moving dogs. This first generation will most likely have some serious health issues. If he outcrossed to South African Boerboels, Turkish Malki or American Mastiffs then these health issues would be corrected. I wish him well with his endeavors.

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  • I actually enjoy this breed and it IS functional if in shred weight. Like a fortress of a dog, but by no means is this the healthy Molossus of Epirus. I am working on importing best stuff from Greece. Look up Molossus of Epirus, they are still around they just were labeled that extinct label as they were low amounts. This dude is Italian even right lol?! Like where did you get extinct from….wikipedia even says at bottom that they are still around….. like he just read the top part and goes ima be the expert on the "extinct" molossus, the molossus are in the greek kennel club and are supposedly going to be introduced to fci under molossus of epirus which is the main one. The other alexandrou and pyrou and hellenic mastiff ones that are part of molossus of epirus and different colors ones too. The epirus ones without the other colors are the best look to me as they are what is known as black dragon warrior mastiff during wars by greeks. Black and tan being best color of those. They have ACTUAL kennel club shows with molossus. I am supposed to get ones from best dog breeder in greece for them. Will see but this is the largest lie on your page.

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